Vibrators for women: Sex toys in disguise

June 26, 2011 at 9:01 am in Love & Sex by VN Editors

We’re fortunate to live in a time when a wide variety of vibrators for women readily available. There are literally hundreds of vibrating items available in every shape and size imaginable, with sex stores found in most cities and a plethora of online retailers ready to provide vibrators for women.

Female masturbation — with or without vibrator use — has been shown to boost your health in a variety of ways. But vibrator use can be a touchy subject, and having your vibrator use accidentally discovered by a family member or friend can be really embarrassing!

However, if you’re interested in vibrator use and want to find a device that’s easily concealed, you’re in luck! There are a wide variety of vibrators for women that look like many ordinary objects!

Consider the following vibrators for women:

I Rub My Duckie: Just 3 long, 1 7/8 in diameter, Junior can occupy the tiniest corner of your bathtub or suitcase. Turn the dial at his base to turn on this little guy’s motor — and just see if you get turned on right back!
Incognito Droplet Necklace Vibrator: How about a pretty pendant necklace that transforms when its fine leather loops are slipped over the nipples? These quiet vibrating droplets become an erotic toy that adds excitement and enhancement to any kind of erotic play.
Sexy Shower Sponge Vibrator: It looks like a sea sponge, but it’s really a foam bath toy with a secret. It hides a waterproof one-speed mini bullet vibe, and the fully functional sponge can give you a wash or a thrill!
Vibra Phone: The flip phone design of this little vibrator is very realistic. You won’t mind if this discreet 2-speed vibrating massager is spotted on your nightstand or in your luggage.
Incognito Lipstick Vibe: Do you need to touch up your lipstick? This little vibe (3.75” x .5”) would fit nicely in your makeup bag and noone would be the wiser!
Zen Stone Vibrator: This vibrator looks like a stone that you can use to meditate. Its compact design fits in the palm of your hand and it features two vibrating speeds.
Mini Makeup Vibrating Brush: Get twice the bang for your buck with this bullet vibrator that discreetly doubles as a genuine makeup brush. Pop it into a purse or makeup bag for discreet delight wherever you travel.
Tyler Hope Love Bear: Already have a vibrator you need to hide? Use this teddy to stash your secret treasures. He’s 24″ tall and has an opening with a magnetic closure behind his neck where you can stash your toys. A soft drawstring bag is included to hold smaller items together.

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