Use vaginal estrogen therapy to prevent female dryness

May 24, 2011 at 9:02 am in Love & Sex by VN Editors

Female dryness is a very common problem for women over 50, but there’s a simple fix: vaginal estrogen therapy. While it’s certainly not a cure-all for mature sex, vaginal estrogen therapy can help you maintain an active, healthy sex life at 50, 60…and beyond.

Great sex and female dryness

VN’s  A Woman’s Guide to Great Sex After 50 provides an in-depth description of the changes women face as they mature. As hormone levels drop and female dryness increases, women may believe they are no longer experiencing the same level of arousal. This is untrue. Studies show that women between the ages of 45 and 70 maintain a healthy interest in sexual intercourse, exploration and bedroom toys. And why shouldn’t they? You may be aging, but you still have a life to live (and enjoy). Vaginal estrogen therapy provides the lubrication the body needs for enjoyable sex.


Grocery stores are filled with over-the-counter products designed to treat female dryness. That alone should prove that it is a common problem, and nothing to feel discouraged or disappointed about. It is possible to fight female dryness with lubricating creams and gels. One VN member, Sharon Kelly, began to “use a little of olive oil before intercourse and it really works for lubrication.” Vaginal estrogen therapy works by preventing female dryness even as it replenishes the estrogen that mature women’s bodies begin to lack as they age.

Vaginal estrogen therapy

The Mayo Clinic outlines three different methods of vaginal estrogen therapy: cream, a vaginal estrogen ring and tablets. The cream is inserted into the body with an applicator at nighttime, much the way douche would be applied. The vaginal estrogen ring is fitted into the vagina by a doctor (don’t try it at home!), so it will release a steady dose of estrogen. Replace the ring every three months. Vaginal estrogen tablets are also inserted directly into the vagina with an applicator.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps to correct female dryness by increasing the body’s estrogen levels. Topical creams used in HRT provide lubrication and a necessary dose of hormones to help balance the body’s chemicals. Vaginal estrogen therapy helps to improve blood flow and increase lubrication, effectively managing and treating female dryness.

Other ways to treat female dryness

Extended foreplay, masturbation and sexual toys help to naturally overcome problems of female dryness, though they may not always be entirely successful. It’s important for mature women to remember that female dryness is not a lack of sexual desire or arousal, but a hormonal problem brought on by the demon menopause.

Other natural methods of treating female dryness include taking vitamins and practicing vaginal exercises that increase pelvic strength.

Learn how to treat female dryness so you can enjoy sex after menopause in our FREE special report Top 5 Treatments for Vaginal Dryness and Dyspareunia (Sexual Intercourse Pain).

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