Top Ten Fantasies of Women

January 9, 2012 at 8:36 pm in Love & Sex by Beverly Mahone Media Coach

According to a survey conducted by Skinbliss, most women between the ages 28 and 46 longed to be sex instructors and loved to impart lessons in love to a male virgin.

So this is what some of the younger women are thinking about? Hmmm….I guess since I’m a baby boomer who was born in the 1950s, I’m too old to think about such fantasies. What about you?

I might also add that this survey is based on the thoughts of British women.

The following are the top 10 sexual fantasies of women as revealed by the survey:

1. Mrs Robinson and the toy boy
2. Having a man as a sex slave
3. Being carried off by a hunky stranger
4. Pretending to be a high-class call girl
5. Lesbian romp
6. Threesome with two guys
7. Going to an orgy
8. Sex on a tropical beach
9. Joining the mile-high club
10. Sex in a public place

What do you think about these fantasies or do you have one of your own you don’t mind sharing?