Silent vibrators for women: Are quiet sex toys the best?

September 15, 2015 at 12:00 am in Love & Sex by VN Editors

Are the best vibrators for women the kind that don’t make any noise? Silent vibrators have an added advantage over other models because they’re designed to produce very little engine noise; you’ll hear none of that humming or buzzing that some vibrators for women produce when you’re using silent sex toys.

Noisy vibrators

Vibrators aren’t meant to be loud, but sometimes they just can’t help it. The mechanics and gears that power the little engines that make vibrators function can get pretty noisy. Some vibrators for women are designed with dual-action, extra bells and whistles and other additions that push the motor to the edge of tolerance (and threaten to break the sound barrier). Noisy vibrators can lead to embarrassing questions from neighbors and family members inside the household, and on top of that they can get distracting during use. If you’re busy listening to your vibrator, you’re probably not enjoying it. Some women find that the best vibrator is one that’s made to be quiet.

No-noise vibrators

Jimmy Jane makes an entire line of waterproof, silent vibrators that are designed to deliver pleasure without making any noise. Waterproof, silent vibrators are the best vibrators for women who want to keep things private. They can be used in the bath, in the bed. . .pretty much anywhere.

Jimmy Jane offers a wide collection of high-end vibrators for women, and the silent models are no exception. Each vibrator in the collection is made with 24k gold, platinum or satin-finished steel (the economy version). The Little Gold retails for around $325 USD. The more affordable Little Steel sells for $195.

Quiet sex toys

Using silent vibrators for women and keeping your sexual problems silent are two different things. As women age, they become more likely to experience vaginal thinning and female dryness that leads to dyspareunia and other sexual problems. Women may even experience vaginal atrophy if they stop all sexual activity, and vibrators can help to prevent this problem.

Vibrators for women help provide lubrication and sexual release, and using them is perfectly healthy and normal, sometimes even advisable. Vibrators can even be integrated into sexual play between couples. For self-treatment, vibrators are very useful, but you should always consult with your doctor if you are experiencing physical pain or other symptoms. Sometimes, other solutions should be explored as well to solve sex-related problems.

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