Personal moisturizer vs vaginal lubricant: What’s the difference? (And why you need both)

January 18, 2012 at 3:59 pm in Healthy Living, Love & Sex by VN Editors

Female lubricants and vaginal moisturizers are not the same thing. They’re both important, but different parts of your sexy toolkit.  A midlife woman may need both to restore or maintain her sex life at the satisfying level she deserves.

In the new Vibrant Nation report, Best Lubricants After 50, Vibrant Nation menopause and sexual health blogger Dr. Barb Depree explains the difference between the two types of products this way:

  • Vaginal lubricant – Lubricants are designed to coat the vagina, penis or toys during sexual intercourse to ease penetration and increase comfort and pleasure. Example: Liquid Silk.
  • Personal moisturizer – Moisturizers replenish and maintain water content in the vagina to keep vaginal tissue moist and healthy between sexual encounters. Example: Replens.

Adds Dr. Barb DePree, “While lubricants are a great thing in the moment, regular moisturizing does more to restore and maintain vaginal tissues.”

How do you apply vaginal lubricant?

Applying lubricant is simple. As one VN member suggests, “Try putting some lube on your inner lips when you are planning to have sex. Or try using some on him during foreplay.”

How do you apply personal moisturizer?

If you’ve never used a personal moisturizer before, you may have questions about application.

“Apply female moisturizer as far into the vaginal canal as possible,” says VN sex blogger Patty Brisben. “The best time to use moisturizer is before bedtime, allowing the product ample time to absorb into the vaginal tissues. Use it every day for a week or up to ten days, until you see dryness decrease, then two to three times a week after that.”

Wondering which moisturizers and lubricants are best for you, and most strongly recommended by other members of Vibrant Nation?  Download Vibrant Nation’s FREE report, Best Lubricants After 50.

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