View of menopause changing.

August 2, 2010 at 4:49 pm in Healthy Living by 360Menopause

Is your attitude impacting your menopausal symptoms? I have always said that your viewpoint in just about anything in life impacts how you feel each and everyday.

As many experts have stated over the years, your mind is your biggest player in life. It can either take you out of the game or propel you to the next level. We have seen several studies over the years that people who are ill and had a positive outlook recover much more quickly.

Can you apply this to menopause? Perhaps.

Menopause over the last 10 years is certainly drawing more attention. Is it because of the Women’s Health Initiatve Study that was published in 2002 that stated taking synthetic hormones could cause cancer or is it because women’s symptoms are getting worse and they want to find out what others are doing to get menopausal relief? Or maybe it is because some women like to complain and misery loves company.

Getting back to my original question, if you constantly complain of menopausal symptoms and harp on them, does it manifest in your body? We know that thoughts all have different energy frequencies. So if we are sad and depressed, we will continually find people and things that keep us in this state of mind. We are in a sense attracting this into our lives.

Well, an interesting study just came out from The University of Texas in Austin stating that after studying 512 women over four years in various ethnic groups they found that menopausal views are changing for the better. Women in general are seeing menopause as a time to “rethink their lives and redefine themselves.” But if you look at the findings a little more carefully, African American, Asian and Hispanic women all reported being more optimistic and positive about menopause than white women. And white women had more complaints about menopause.

So you have to wonder, what came first the chicken or the egg? Are white women’s views on menopause exaggerating their symptoms or are their symptoms impacting their views on the menopause transition? Did that get your mind spinning?

Could this be the gem for Menopausal Relief? As with anything else, more studies really have to be conducted to make some better conclusions. For more information on this study go to Menopause Attitude.

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