Take vitamins to relieve hormonal night sweats

May 22, 2012 at 12:00 am in Healthy Living by VN Editors

You can stock your system with drugs, sleep with the windows open and try all kinds of tricks, and it still may not be enough to help you manage hormonal night sweats. Even if you learn how to stop hot flashes that occur during your waking hours, you may still be plagued by hormonal night sweats that make you feel feverish, ill and unable to sleep. Vitamin therapies may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Menopause and hormonal night sweats

Hot flashes are, far and away, the most common menopause symptom. Also known as hot flushes, these attacks can last for a few second to several minutes. Having hot flashes causes women to experience sweating and extreme discomfort unexpectedly, with little to no warning. Hormonal night sweats are hot flashes that occur during sleep, when women are even less prepared to handle them.

Hormonal night sweats cause insomnia, interrupt sleep and may even affect a partner’s sleep when they occur. Various drug therapies are available for the treatment of hormonal night sweats and other menopause symptoms, but they may not be wholly effective or even safe. Hormone Replacement Therapy, for instance, increases cancer risk in women and may create other complications. Vitamin therapies may be a practical alternative.

Vitamin therapies for hormonal night sweats

Your body always needs vitamins, and everyone knows that, but some studies show that vitamins just may help you manage your hormonal night sweats.

  • Vitamin C. One study gave 94 menopause patients 200 milligrams of vitamin C 6 times daily. Because vitamin C strengthens blood vessel membranes and works as an antioxidant, researchers wanted to study the vitamin’s effectiveness on hot flashes and hormonal night sweats. Approximately 67% of subjects experienced total relief from their hot flashes, while 21% experienced partial relief.
  • Vitamin D. During menopause, it’s possible for women to experience severe vitamin D and calcium deficiencies because of decreasing estrogen levels. Many women swear by calcium-, magnesium- and Vitamin D-rich supplements that help to counter-act this natural mineral loss. This nutrient trinity is offered in supplements that are specifically targeted to menopausal women, because balancing out the effects of menopause can help prevent hot flashes and hormonal night sweats. The Vitamin D makes it possible for your bones to absorb the calcium they need.
  • Vitamin E. Many studies suggest that Vitamin E can be beneficial in helping women treat hot flashes and hormonal night sweats. Your body begins to need more of this vitamin when you go through menopause. Vitamin E is very effective at helping to correct the hormone imbalance created by this process.

Learn more about managing hormonal night sweats in our free special report, 5 Proven Remedies to Reduce Hot Flashes During Menopause.

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