Study says soy germ may stop hot flashes

January 24, 2012 at 1:18 pm in Healthy Living by VN Editors

Soy germ sounds like a horrible new bug rather than a cure to an age-old problem, but a new study suggests it may have the power to stop hot flashes. Anything that can do that is worth a try under any name, right?

Living with hot flashes

Women have plenty of reason to hate menopause. Painful intercourse, mood swings, hormonal night sweats and hot flashes are only a few of the challenges they will face. Many of these symptoms will fade away when menopause finally runs its natural course, but hot flashes may not stop for years after the menopause cycle is over. It’s the most common menopause symptom and one of the most uncomfortable.

Living with hot flashes is a reality that, unfortunately, many women are forced to contend with. Arguably the most effective method, HRT, is also one of the most dangerous. It’s the loss of estrogen that creates hot flashes, but using hormone therapy to replace that estrogen can increase cancer risk. Other methods of stopping hot flashes are not as widely effective, though much safer. Women all over the world want to learn how to stop hot flashes, and one study offers new hope.

S-equol study

A 12-week study involving postmenopausal Japanese women shows that the soy germ-based supplement S-equol may provide a way to stop hot flashes. The study, published in the Journal of Women’s Health, studied the daily frequency of hot flashes. Women who took a daily dose of the soy germ supplement noticed more than a 34.5% reduction in hot flashes, compared to those in the study who received a placebo. Women who received the S-equol drug noticed a decrease in both frequency and severity of their hot flashes.

S-equol is extracted from soy germ during the fermentation process. The study was conducted among 160 post-menopausal women who did not take hormonal drugs or other menopause treatments. Each woman reported to experiencing at least one hot flash every day before participating in the study.


Vitamin supplements and other supplements, like Remifemin, address some of the symptoms of hot flashes. Causes are more difficult to address. Menopause is a natural process that lowers the estrogen in your body, but nothing about it feels very natural. It’s a huge change to go through, and for several years you may experience pain and stress while your body attempts to adjust. A combination of supplements, diet, meditation and exercise will help to alleviate some of those symptoms, but nothing can prevent menopause.

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