prolapsed uterus

December 13, 2012 at 11:59 pm in Healthy Living by Anonymous

I have had a prolapsed uterus for the past 2 years.  Because of some other unrelated medical issues I had, I wasn’t able to pursue this problem until I got through the last one.  I am now ready to tackle this next one.  However, in the past couple gynecologists visits (i went to 2 different female drs) they gave me hormonal cream to soften the uterus.  They both told me to use a lot of lubrication to sexual intercourse with my husband.  Sex is impossible and extremely painful.  I have since made an apppt with another female gyno. in Jan 2013.  I am hoping she will have some compassion for me and just give me a hysterectomy.  I just want to return to a somewhat normal life!!  The other 2 previous drs basically told me the uterus wasn’t fallen enough and they want to see it almost out (!) of the vagina.  This is freaking me out and it feels as though I’m sitting on a sock 24/7.  Why is it so hard to get this problem taken care of.  I’m 54 yrs old and what to get back to have intercourse with my husband!!  Also, is sex  going to be totally different where I will never want it or have orgasims again after a hysterectomy??!!!!