How bladder weakness and leaking affects sex

August 11, 2011 at 5:29 pm in Healthy Living by VN Editors

If you think bladder weakness is embarrassing in your day-to-day life, just wait until you have to deal with it during intimate activity. A leaking bladder is a big turn-off for everyone who’s involved, but you shouldn’t change your life and avoid healthy sexual activity as a result.

Bladder weakness in the bedroom

You can’t control bladder weakness — being without control is the very definition of the problem. The problem is actually quite common, especially among women who go through vaginal childbirth. Approximately one in four women experience bladder weakness and leaking bladder problems. It’s a very common problem, but leaking bladder problems aren’t talked about often for one simple reason: it’s embarrassing. No one wants others to know that they have bladder control issues because it seems like such a horrible, dirty problem, but lots and lots of people experience it. In fact, millions of men and women face their own leaking bladders every day (metaphorically speaking, of course). You should never feel embarrassed if you’re dealing with your leaking bladder and taking positive measures to re-gain control.

When you leak, it’s bound to happen at the worst moment. Leaking bladder problems often occur when you sneeze, cough or laugh — involuntary actions that stimulate certain muscles and compromise your bladder control. Exercise and strenuous activity may also cause your bladder weakness to manifest itself and cause leakage, and that’s what makes sex so scary. If your leaking bladder is embarrassing at the grocery store, it’s going to be even more embarrassing in the bedroom…right?

Bladder weakness and sex

Leaking bladder problems are actually rare during sex, so don’t be afraid to maintain your regular level of sexual activity even if you’re experiencing bladder weakness. Even if leakage does occur, you should treat the problem like no big deal because that’s exactly what it is. Bladder weakness is common, especially among women, and it’s something that many people have to face — either directly or indirectly.

Easier said than done. It’s hard not to get embarrassed, especially if you’re already in a compromising, vulnerable position. Bladder leakage can be controlled and prevented through certain exercise techniques and other tricks:

  • Fluid intake. Limit your coffee and carbonated beverage intake, especially prior to engaging in sexual activity. Coffee and carbonated drinks will increase your desire to go, which could lead to an untimely bladder interruption during intimate moments.
  • Prepare. Visit the ladies’ room immediately before sex and empty your bladder to prevent leakage.
  • Control. Practice bladder control exercises daily to strengthen your weak bladder. Bladder control exercises help repair and rebuild damaged muscles, which created the leaking bladder problems in the first place. Yoga, core-building techniques and Kegel exercises may all be used to contribute to bladder control.

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