Frozen shoulder – my 5 tips for a full recovery

June 12, 2012 at 9:00 am in Healthy Living by VN Featured Comment

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From BAnn

I had frozen shoulder for 1 ½ years before recovering fully from it, so please be patient.

The recovery process can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, and for me the hardest part was the frustration of not healing quickly since I was so diligent about attending physical therapy and doing my assigned exercises at home.  I compared myself with everyone else who told me that they recovered in only a few months, which was natural to do but very depressing.

The cause of a frozen shoulder condition cannot always be diagnosed, although it can occur through injury or repetitive motion.  And to set your mind at ease, it very rarely occurs more than once to someone.

My recommendations would be to:

1) learn more about your condition by asking your health professionals (who, if they are good, should be offering explanations and reports on your progress) and doing research on the internet from reliable medical websites,

2) find the best orthopedist and physical therapist you can, and if you get limited results get a second opinion,

3) limit the amount of cortisone shots you receive (no more than three) because it can do permanent damage to your joints,

4) only consider surgery as a last result- if your orthopedist recommends otherwise, he is not someone you want to treat you, and

5) find a way of decreasing stress because it definitely has a negative impact on the healing process- I know this firsthand.

For me, having frozen shoulder was a terrible experience: progress is so slow that often you can’t even see it, the limited mobility and use of one arm is incredibly frustrating and time-consuming, and you get upset because you feel like it should be a minor injury and yet you aren’t healing rapidly.  But, through diligence in finding the right doctor and the most incredible physical therapist, I finally recovered fully.

Good luck!

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Have you had frozen shoulder? What would you advise a friend in recovery?

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