Forget the diapers, manage bladder weakness with special underwear

June 14, 2012 at 12:00 am in Healthy Living by VN Editors

Bladder weakness strikes millions of sufferers every single day, it’s just that no one hears about it until a celebrity loses control on an airplane. The truth is, many are suffering in silence with a constant, nagging fear that they’re going to lose control at the worst moment. Some sufferers are afraid to get too far away from the restroom because they fear having an embarrassing moment. Wearing padding and adult diapers is one solution…just not a very practical one. Thanks to new underwear that’s designed to handle leaking bladder problems, you can throw all that heavy padding away and start living life again.

A practical way to approach leaking bladder problems

How many scientists does it take to solve a leaking bladder? Some of the world’s best minds came together to create a pair of reusable briefs that give people who suffer with leaking bladder problems a practical way to manage the problem. The undies, designed by scientists from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA, for short), are made so they won’t show under your clothing.

Not just that, but they’re also designed to repel odor and manage moisture. The underwear work through a reusable pad that has a hydrophobic layer (that’s a fancy scientific word for water-repellent). Another absorbent layer completes the pad, and the whole thing is hidden inside a close-fitting pair of briefs. Through a technique the scientists are calling the “waterfall principle,” the urine is channeled away from the body through tiny holes in the fabric. From there, the moisture is absorbed by the layer below. This keeps your skin dry. The briefs are easy to wear under regular clothing, and the slim-fitting, non-bulky design is more comfortable than heavier, more noticeable padding.

Long-term bladder management

In the short-term, special underwear with padding can be a life saver for those who suffer with urine leakage. Women widely experience this problem with men, and often it’s a direct result of muscle weakness. In order to manage bladder weakness in the long-term, you’ve got to do something more than change your wardrobe — you’ve got to actually treat the problem.

Bladder control exercises can help you re-build those weakened bladder muscles and re-gain control of your body. In a majority of cases, bladder weakness and urine leakage is fully reversible. Bladder control exercises are a very simple way of managing these problems. Practice Kegels every day to repair those muscles. When done correctly, they will work over time to reverse urine leakage.

Women can learn more about managing their leaks in our free special report, 5 Keys to Manage a Leaking Bladder or Overactive Bladder for Women Over 50.

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