Chocolate study….where do I sign up…

March 27, 2012 at 11:26 am in Healthy Living, Home & Garden by Georgia T

A new study shows an association between eating chocolate and being skinny?

Two instant thoughts come to mind…one where the heck is the line to volunteer for that study….and two then how the heck do you explain my hips?

Now as women we know about the yummy combination of dark chocolate and a glass of wine. And I for one became completely committed to taking care of my health by indulging in both a few times a week.  My personal fav is a dark truffle and a nice glass of merlot.

I have always been an” in moderation” girl. And clearly of the belief system that if I got hit by a bus today I would not want my last meal to have been a bowl of arugula.

Now if they could only find the health benefits of bacon..I so miss bacon.  Remember as a child being woken up by the smell of bacon wafting through the house to your room?

How many memories of our lives are tied to the smells and taste’s of food? Have you ever had Thanksgiving dinner at the house of a bad cook?  The whole holiday is ruined….one year of that and I now always host Thanksgiving dinner.

Now this brings me to my beef with the guy upstairs. If we were given the brains to create chicken fried steak and bacon cheeseburgers…why oh why did he make it bad for our health??

I am off to start my own research project on the health benefits of chocolate and morning coffee.

Georgia T

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