Can Remifemin, soy and natural herbs stop hot flashes?

April 30, 2012 at 12:00 am in Healthy Living by VN Editors

Prescription medications and hormone replacement therapy can cause multiple complications in menopausal women, but does that mean natural herbs and treatments like Remifemin are the answer to stop hot flashes and hormonal night sweats? Should you trust modern science, which always seems subject to change, or ancient remedies that some say don’t stand up to intense scientific study?

Non-Prescription menopause treatments

Hot flashes and hormonal night sweats (hot flashes that occur during sleep) are the most common menopause symptom, experienced by more than half of all women who go through it. Hormone Replacement Therapy, a technique that was developed decades ago, is still the most viable cure to stop hot flashes. However, it can increase cancer risk in women and many would rather avoid that risk. Other prescription drug therapies are available, but as with all prescriptions they may come with side effects that are unpleasant. Many women turn to more natural treatments to stop hot flashes instead.

  • Remifemin

A standardized extract of black cohosh, Remifemin is a supplement designed to stop hot flashes. In randomized studies, black cohosh helped to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes — but, unfortunately, the same may be said for just about every herbal remedy that’s been forth as a menopause cure. It’s very hard to obtain hard-and-fast scientific data when looking for scientific results of herbal supplements and natural menopause cures. However, one piece of evidence in the study could be enlightening: only the women who took black cohosh experienced a reduction in sweating when compared to the group who took a placebo.

Researchers believe that stress is what skews the results when studying natural cures. Whether they’re receiving a placebo or an actual herbal treatment, women who take supplements feel like they’re being proactive against their menopause and taking an active stance to stop hot flashes. The reduction in stress alone, and the feeling of control, helps to reduce hot flashes. When women believe that what they’re taking might help them, scientists see results.

  • Natural hormones

The reason you’re experiencing hot flashes is the changing hormone levels in your body. Hormone Replacement Therapy works because it replenishes the hormones your body is losing to menopause. Some believe that balancing that loss with natural hormones can provide a similar effect to stop hot flashes, and these hormones don’t pose the same risks as traditional HRT. Maca root contains natural plant estrogens and natural progesterone, hormones women need in their bodies. More than 300 different plants contain estrogen-like nutrients.


  • Soy

Studies on soy are contradictory at best. Some studies show it doesn’t do anything to stop hot flashes, but other evidence paints a far different picture. Natural isoflavones, which provide the body with some estrogen-like qualities, are present in soy. But according to a recent study of 17 published clinical trials on the use of soy to stop hot flashes, it helps reduce this symptom about 21% of the time. Even women who did have hot flashes while taking soy noticed a reduction in the severity of the symptom.

Other techniques

Because some evidence suggests that menopause is more about mind control than what you’re putting into your body, many swear by meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to stop hot flashes using nothing but the power of thought. Try stress relief techniques, such as yoga, to cool your hot flashes when they occur and see if this works for you.

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