best brands of shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers

April 19, 2011 at 9:01 am in Healthy Living by VN Editors

As women, most of us love shoes. We have shoes for various outfits and shoes for comfort. But when you suffer from plantar fasciitis symptoms, comfort takes top billing over style. However, there are some brands of shoes that provide great fit and even a more stylish look than most orthopedic shoes.

For those who need athletic shoes, there are a plethora of brands that provide great stable uppers with fabulous arch support. Many doctors recommend Brooks, Asics, New Balance and Saucony. These shoes provide a stable base for those who pronate and superior arches for those with higher arches, not to mention durability and style.
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If you are looking for shoes for warm weather, there are even some sandals that provide support for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. Orthaheel brand provides an orthotic footbed with steady rubber soles for stability on most any surface. And they have many styles to fit most any wardrobe. Mephisto also offers a variety of stylish sandals along with other types of shoes.

The best brands of everyday or dressier shoes should provide a strong, non-flexible shank and arch supports. You can buy shoes with removable insoles that allow you to place your own custom orthotics inside, but these brands provide enough stability with comfort that you may not need the extra inserts. Sanita offers colorful clogs for everyday wear, as well as neutral colors for a more traditional look.  The soles are strong, yet slightly flexible and absorb shocks while walking to keep heel pain at bay. Naot brand even offers dressy boots, sandals, and moderate heel heights all of which contain excellent arch supports, heel protection, and shock absorbency.

There are many other brands of shoes available that provide comfort and protection from further plantar fasciitis symptoms and pain. As always, be sure that the shoe has a high, comfortable arch support. Make sure that the shank is sturdy and not too flexible–you need as much support surrounding your foot as you can get. Try to wear shoes with a slightly elevated heel (not more than an inch or so) and ones that are not completely flat. Flats can aggravate plantar fasciitis because many of them do not provide arch supports nor supportive shanks.

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