Women 50+ Know: Why coloring gray hair is best done professionally

September 1, 2015 at 1:47 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN members

1. Color tends to absorb more in the ends when we do it ourselves.
From Paula1249 in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“It was hard for me to say goodbye to my beautiful auburn hair when the gray began to encroach, but coloring every two weeks to maintain the darker hair was just too much. I ultimately decided to weave my hair with blonde. I can go much longer without having to have my stylist do touch-up color. I found that when we try to do it ourselves, it just isn’t as even and color also tends to absorb more in the ends. I know this because I use to do it myself.”

2. You might not have to color as often.
From Jan Murphy in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I go to a stylist that has put in highlights and low lights to blend in with both my natural color and the gray. So much gray was coming in that I was coloring my hair every three weeks. I know that the cost of having a specialist do it is great but it’s worth it for me. I feel great each time I have it done and quite frankly, it’s less often than when I was coloring myself!”

3. At-home hair coloring might not do the entire job.
From JC… in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“The only over-the-counter product I had any luck with was Loreal. However, eventually, when that didn’t do the entire job, I realized that the only way to ensure complete coverage (I tried them all) would be to go to a professional for this service. This doesn’t mean having to select a terribly expensive professional; one of the chain hair salons do just as good a job with coloring as your top-of-the-line salons.”

4. Color correction is expensive!
From Mcgee in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“When selecting a color by yourself, you will not know the maker’s base color, so you could end up with green hair, red hair or a combination, depending on what your true color is. Most grey hair or white hair needs a filler first — before any color is put on. That is why it is so important for you to go to a professional and come out looking beautiful and happy instead of upset and having to go to a salon and have it fixed, which becomes very expensive.”

From deramusmothergoose… in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“You should really visit a reputable salon. Being a retired hairdresser, we saw so many hair colors that were less than acceptable that people had done themselves with over-the-counter products. It will get you into a mess if you do it yourself and it may look anything but natural. You deserve it! Spend a little money on yourself and look your best. If you are nervous about all over hair color and you have a lot of grey already, you may want to go with a reverse highlighting where darker color is woven into your grey hair to make it look “not so grey”. Your professional will be able to recommend what would be best for you once you visit. Why not call a salon for a consultation? Then you can get a feel for what they are wanting to do before the actual appointment is made. Good luck, but don’t try this on your own. You will be happier with the results if you go professional! We certainly did a lot of color correction in my day!”

5. A skilled hairstylist can give you a natural, youthful look.
From Sherrie Mathieson in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“Highlights/lowlights — executed by a skilled hairstylist — is excellent for a natural, youthful look. It also doesn’t require constant 3-week application, which happens with any one process. Gray hair is like brown or black hair roots — and grows in at the same rate. Highlights/lowlights, when well done, really serve as great camouflage without the telltale “line” of new growth.”

6. You can try on your new color before you commit.
From Mandie in Hair color
“Call some top notch beauty shops and ask if they have a computer program that will show you how you’d look with different colors/styles. It would be really helpful & fun too!”

7. A professional might even be able to fix other hair issues.
From carpediem in Hair loss and thinning after menopause
“A quick tip is get an exceptional colorist. For decades my hair broke and I assumed it was inevitable. I changed stylists and went blond. After about 18 months of using her as my stylist I realized that my hair felt like ‘hair’ and I no longer shed excessively. She uses low bleach formulas and other techniques which others don’t. When she was on maternity leave two other stylists did it differently so my hair became brittle and damaged again.”

8. You can get inside information from the pros.
From 1Tncwoman in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“[Try] the beauty training schools. Professional stylists assist students. The price for me is a minor $45.00 with highlights and the works! It would cost me $100.00 at the salon. The teacher has over 30 years in L.A., New York, London, and Chicago working with the best. He said not to use over-the-counter because the dye will make the hair go gray faster. My gray was colored as highlights. They lasted six months. You will get inside information on what is best for you. I go for touch ups every 3 months. Not pricey at all. Love it.”


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