Women 50+ know: The best wrinkle-free travel clothing

September 12, 2015 at 11:27 am in Fashion & Beauty, Travel by VN members

1. Magellan
From Beth Whitman in 5 must-have travel clothes and accessories
“Made of a silky soft polyester/spandex blend, [the Jet Set Skirt by Magellan is] …machine washable and wrinkle-free–extremely important for the savvy traveler who wants to look good but may not have access to an iron. Jet Set has a variety of other clothes in this collection so that you can mix and match.”

2. Chico’s Traveler’s Line
From roadtripdreamer in Where can I find “wrinkle free” business attire?
“I’m a big fan of the Chico’s travelers line. I can travel for an entire week in a small duffel bag or carry-on. The pieces never wrinkle and always look sharp.” (Roadtripdreamer may be better known to VN members as Carol White. Read her Top 5 Packing Tips for your Summer Road Trip.)

3. L.L.Bean
From Mistygirl in Where can I find “wrinkle free” business attire?
“[L.L.Bean’s wrinkle free shirts] …fit great and are truly wrinkle free, looking freshly ironed right out of the dryer. I was on a shuttle bus from the airport on a hot, humid day, and a lady said to me, ‘That must be a magic blouse you are wearing because you just traveled all day and you look so crisp!'”

4. TravelSmith
From Renee H. in Where can I find “wrinkle free” business attire?
offer an entire catalog full of “travel-friendly” clothing; many of which do not wrinkle. I often buy their clothing for everyday use, to keep looking wrinkle free. They even keep their prices within the realm of reason.”

5. Coldwater Creek
From GabrielleP in Where can I find “wrinkle free” business attire?
“…You can wear it for a week on the road and no one can tell …Even if you don’t want to wear their stuff to work if you’re not traveling, they have a line of travel knits that really works on the road.”

6. Contourwear
From Kathy Dragon in Top 7 must-have travel accessories
Travel expert Kathy Dragon recommends several pieces from the Contourwear line, especially the Contourwear ZOP2: Bermuda Convertible. “The zip-offs are made of Schoeller fabric, which means rain (or red wine) bead off the pants. They don’t pill or pick.”

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