Women 50+ Know: The best methods for facial hair removal

June 1, 2010 at 1:37 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN members

1. Laser hair removal

oftheflowers From oftheflowers in Does anyone else have a problem with facial hair?
“I’ve had facial hair removed by laser. Since then, I pluck the occasional hair. I did laser several years ago, maybe 2 treatments.”

2. Electrolysis

L From L in Chin hair
“I recommend electrolysis. This is the only way to permanently remove facial and body hair. I felt liberated and so much more feminine. This procedure took a few months and was moderately expensive, but well worth the time and money.”

Doryce From Doryce in Does anyone else have a problem with facial hair?
“I have a good electrologist who I visit regularly. Seems ridiculous for one or two course hairs but over time the results show. I am a blonde, so laser is not an option for me.”

3. Pluck, pluck, pluck

EX marks the spot From EX marks the spot in Chin hair
“I pluck – and pluck and pluck. That ‘hair on the chinny-chin-chin’ bothers me so much. I shudder at the thought of having one or more show up to others. Tweezers are upstairs in the house, downstairs in the house, in my handbag, in my car, etc.”

4. Waxing

Glais From Glais in Does anyone else have a problem with facial hair?
“I noticed fine, longer hairs growing beneath my chin and along my jawline so I waxed them. I tried a facial depilatory but fell back to waxing. I prefer the look and feel after.

It doesn’t take long and I do it at home. I use microwave wax. I do not use the paper strips but and old cotton pillowcase cut into strips. Remember to spread the wax in small areas then once the wax is applied the strips must be applied press it on and pull against the grain asap or it will grow cold. It works very well on the chin area. Hair in the waxed areas will become fine and thin. Eventually it will not grow back at all. I have very little facial hair where it is not wanted.

Mermaid From Mermaid in Waxing vs. shaving
“I would definitively recommend waxing when it comes to facial hair. Not only because it grows back at a slower speed, but after some years of waxing it grows back a lot less than it does with shaving, meaning with shaving you will always have the same amount of hair growing back, while with long term waxing, less hair grows back.”

5. Tweeze with magnifying mirror

nannyjo24 From nannyjo24 in Chin hair
“My fear is that the rate of chin hair growth seems to be equal to the growing rate of magnification needed in my glasses and therefore, I don’t see the hairs as easily as those looking at me see them! Thank heavens for magnifying mirrors!”

6. Shave

sugisme From sugisme in Chin hair
“Contrary to popular belief shaving does not alter the physical state of a hair or a group of hairs. It is nothing more than cutting the hair off at the skin surface. If shaving did alter hair growth to be more coarse & darker, then every time we get our hair cut it would grow in thicker & coarser & darker. This is not the case. It feels coarser because when the growing hair emerges from the skin it is bristly, but if it’s left it will be the exact same type of hair as if it were left alone.”