Women 50+ Know: Stylish comfortable shoes

September 1, 2015 at 5:21 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN members

1. Aerosoles
From Joanna in Comfortable shoes that aren’t frumpy
Aerosoles has comfortable shoes that are really gorgeous. The sales are great now. :-)”

2. Birkenstocks
From youngatheartgram in A wardrobe for all regions
“…Birkenstocks are indeed the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, yes, even with socks in the winter…”

3. SoftWalk shoes.
From slamond in Comfortable shoes that aren’t frumpy
“…I swear by SoftWalk shoes. They are wonderfully padded on the inside, and very durable. They are over $100, but my shoes are still going strong after 2-3 years! I use Zappos.com and Shoebuy.com

4. Sofft Shoes
From malarkey in Comfortable shoes that aren’t frumpy
“Look for the Sofft line of shoes. Very comfortable and classy looks.”

5. Ecco Shoes
From lefty303 in Sensible shoes that are cute!
“I’m a sixty year old (is that possible??) innkeeper and am on my feet from 6:30AM until 8:30PM seven days a week. For shoes, I absolutely swear by Ecco’s. They have been such a lifesaver. Fairly expensive but worth every single penny!”

6. SAS Shoes
From gigi in Sensible shoes that are cute!
“My everyday shoes for summer are SAS sandals for comfort, but they are too chunky for dressing up.”

7. Footsmart.com
From LucyB in Sensible shoes that are cute!
“You can give a look to Footsmart.com. I have recently had surgery on my right foot, and have found a few there that are cute and wearable too. I may go into business designing sexy flats for women who are too smart (and too pained) to wear the other kinds!”

8. Crocs.com
From meigler in Sensible shoes that are cute!
“I would go check out Crocs.com. For a long time all they had were the huge clogs or flip-flops. Now they have a ton of other options including dressy shoes. Just look at all the options on their site. I wear crocs about 300 days a year.”

9. Keen Footwear
From kayasinger in Sensible shoes that are cute!
“I have major knee issues and shoes with any heel at all makes my knees hurt when I walk. It’s a huge drag but the reality. The only shoes I can wear are Keens. They are cute, stylish and comfortable.”

10. Taryn Rose
From TomG in Taryn Rose shoes are stylish and comfortable
Taryn Rose was an orthopedist who decided to make shoes that feel great and look great–something only a woman could have figured out was actually possible. They are not cheap–I buy mine at her store in New York–but you will never regret them.”

11. Glory Chen
From Babette Pinsky in Glory Chen: Sophisticated, comfortable shoes
“…there’s a new shoe line called Glory Chen that is the first shoes I’ve found in a while that really work for me. … The store is beautifully designed and the shoes are fabulous. They look like grown-up, sophisticated campers. They’ve got heels but they’re not spikey, and they don’t look dowdy. They look very contemporary. The designer has a great eye and she does nice padded insides so they’re comfortable. Most of the heels are made of rubber, but they’re very sculptural and very colorful. They’re really terrific.”

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