Women 50+ Know: Hair color that covers the gray

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1. Aveda
From gardenangel in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I go to an Aveda Spa for my hair. It seems less harsh than other hair colors and looks very natural. It does take upkeep, but it’s worth it.”

From amy phillips in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“May not be the cheapest avenue but my hairdresser uses Aveda hair color. She uses foils and two colors. Works really well for about two months.”

2. Clairol Beautiful Collection
From martijoyce in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I use Clairol Beautiful Collection Dark Warm Brown, found at beauty supply stores, not at drugstores, Target, etc. It’s not a dye but a semi-permanent color. I wash my hair every day so I have to color my hair every week cause it fades. But it’s not hard on your hair and doesn’t have ammonia, etc. in it but things that are good for your hair…aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E…and my hair feels great after!”

Clairol Natural Instincts
From bhc in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I use Clairol Natural Instincts. I like it because it looks natural, leaving the greyest hairs a bit lighter – like multi shades. However, it is not that permanent. I have to use it often to keep my hair looking its best.”

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy GraySolutions
From KariNYC in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
Nice ‘n Easy GraySolution really works for me. My hair is about 80% gray and it really covers better than anything I have tried.”

3. Garnier Nutrisse
From nancyen in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I have been coloring my hair for years. I’m 60, and a 40-year-old asked me why I’m not grey. I told her that I color my hair and she said that in a million years she never would be able to tell. I use Garnier Nutrisse and I vary the colors. I’m a light brunette and sometimes I use a dark blonde, sometimes a light brunette. I do only the roots, leaving it on for about 40 minutes and cover the remainder of my hair for the last 5-10 minutes. My hair has a lovely texture which I attribute to the coloring. Once in a while I use a root touch-up product if I’m in a hurry. I definitely don’t agree with the “don’t try this on your own” comment as I’m proof that you can do it and succeed.”

Garnier Nutrisse
From Raffila in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I started to cover the grey twenty years ago. For many years I went to a professional stylist/colorist. In between visits I experimented. For the past ten years I have been on my own and tried every hair color product on the market. Yes, I actually tried to work my way through every brand, even some I found in health stores. Also tried mixing my own chemicals in the same way as my stylist did.

In the end I became a staunch believer in Garnier Nutrisse. It gives even coverage, lots of shine, does not damage hair and most importantly does NOT fade. Some dyes from L’Oreal which look great fade away. Others tend to change color to brassy notes with each hair wash. Garnier promises 100 percent grey coverage and delivers.

Read the directions and follow exactly. They recommend you leave on longer. The directions explain how to dye the first time and how to handle root coverage. Follow those directions to the letter.

Do part your hair in small sections and use the bottle to drip down the part and your gloved finger to lightly spread the dye cream onto the hair on each side of part to cover the roots. This is key to having an allover even job. in the front. Be sure to go around the hairline with the creme and use finger to cover the roots (this tip is Not in the directions.) If you do it this way you won’t miss any spot in the front, which is critical. I wish you good luck…and add that I have no connection with this product line. It is simply the Best!

(A small vial of avocado oil goes into the dye mix, and I think it’s one reason why your hair shines and feels soft–you can save some of the included conditioner too, to add in a few weeks.) I also use their shampoo/conditioner. My daughter’s hair grows slower than mine so she dyes every 7-8 week and I do mine every six. Don’t let these pros scare you into salon color. I honestly look better with longer lasting Garnier color than I did with my stylist’s formulas. Now that I have practice in application, I feel confident I look terrific.”

4. L’Oreal
From comgal in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“L’Oreal has been my choice since it came out. I had my hair burned off in a flash fire when I was 16 and started coloring it to add body when it was growing back. I guess I have tried every brand there is and keep coming back to L’Oreal. There are some greys that won’t color but try putting the color on the worst of the grey a few minutes before adding the remainder to the rest of the hair.”

L’Oreal Excellence
From REDHEAD57 in I‘m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I like L’oreal Excellence products. It has the color that most matches my previous strawberry blonde color and leaves my hair silkie. I for sure am not ready to not be a redhead yet!”

L’Oreal Excellence To Go
From maggiel52 in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I use L’Oreal To Go. It’s fast (10 minutes) and covers all my gray.”

L’Oreal Féria
From debbie in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I use Féria. It leaves your hair nice and soft, covers your gray and leaves highlights in your hair so it doesn’t look like it’s colored. Good stuff.”

L’Oreal Natural Match
From Tink in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I’ve used L’Oreal Natural Match for quite some time now, and I like the results. I have found that going one shade lighter gives me better results. I especially like this one because of its no ammonia formula, since I have a sensitive scalp.”

L’Oreal Preference
From Sherrie Mathieson in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I like the L’Oreal Preference product line to achieve gray coverage.”

5. Redken
From suzy in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“If you want natural looking color, ask your hair dresser to use Redken. Professional color always looks better or maybe it’s because you paid for it. And always color a shade or two lighter than your natural color.”

Redken Shades EQ
From steelmagnolia in I‘m not ready to let my hair go gray
“My hair has been going gray for years and for years, I have gone to the salon & they use Redken Shades EQ. I have not had any problem with it. It covers the gray & leaves my hair feeling very healthy and in great condition.”

6. Revlon Color Silk
From Lynnette in I’m not ready to let my hair go gray
“I have been coloring my hair for the last 20 years. Basically any hair color will cover gray. I use ColorSilk from Revlon because i am all gray and have to do it every 3 weeks or so. I did the salon thing for a while, but could not afford it anymore and it was every 3 weeks just the same. Hair color products are amazing nowadays.”


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