Where NOT to buy a bra

May 7, 2012 at 10:00 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Featured Comment

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From RamblinRedhead

After being a very small-chested woman for most of my life, I all of a sudden “busted out” as I nursed and gained weight after my daughter was born.  Now, 18 years later, after finally losing the extra weight, I was miraculously left with a much larger chest!

I got refitted for bras at one of those high-end bra boutiques (The Full Cup, in my case), and it was a huge improvement for me.  I got some European seamed lace underwire bras, and it changed my whole body!  Unlike others, however, I have since bought bras for less at Nordstrom’s here in Norfolk, and got the same level of service (professional fitting) as I did at the boutique, and the prices were quite a bit lower (albeit still higher than the mainstream but ill-fitting bras I used to wear).

I wouldn’t mess with Victoria’s Secret at all.  I was totally unimpressed with their selection for my size (36D to 40DDD, depending on the maker and the specific bra).  I thought their quality was really cheesy for the price.  Soma also couldn’t fit me with anything that gave me the support of the bras I get at the boutique, or at Nordstrom’s (some of the brands that didn’t work for another poster are perfect for me!).

Bras are a very individual thing – but a good fitting by someone who knew what they were doing seems essential to me.  I have found decent bras for a song at the Vanity Fair outlet in Reading, PA – but never find the sizes I need in department stores, not with the support I need.  Also, the cup shape seems all wrong for me in many “mainstream bras”.

Also, sometimes at home, I just relax and put a sports bra on – great support, freedom to move about.  Heaven.

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Where do YOU find a great, supportive bra that fits?

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