Use olive oil thinning hair remedies

March 6, 2012 at 9:02 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Different essential oils have been touted as thinning hair remedies, but what can olive oil do for your head? It’s great on bread and delicious on salads, but olive oil can actually do a whole lot for your scalp as well. Sometimes the best hair treatments aren’t at all fancy — they’re already in your kitchen.

Olive oil
Processed from olives, olive oil is packed with flavor that makes it a wonderful addition to cuisine of all kinds. Lots of women know olive oil because it’s also packed with calories, and you have to tread lightly when consuming it. But the same calories that nourish your hips can nourish your scalp and hair. When applied externally to the hair, olive oil displays some wonderful natural properties that help to prevent hair loss and thinning hair. Women can find olive oil in shampoos, but you can also apply it straight to your head in the raw (though you’ll probably want to shampoo hair immediately following such a treatment).

  • Dandruff and dryness. Olive oil is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. Use it like a conditioner to treat dry hair and dry scalp. A few olive oil treatments can banish dandruff completely and repair hair that has been damaged by dryness. Dry scalp and hair leads to excess hair loss than can cause female hair thinning.
  • Itchiness. The itchiness and irritation that your scalp may feel due to dandruff, dryness, rash or other problems may also be treated with olive oil. Olive oil is soothing to the skin, which prevents itchiness that can lead to scalp damage and hair thinning.
  • Shine. Olive oil has a natural sheen to it which can be transferred to your hair. Treat your hair with the olive oil to bring out the natural shine of your locks, which causes your hair to draw light. Shiny hair looks healthier and appears thicker.
  • Nourishment. Olive oil is rich in calories because it’s naturally rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which can nourish your hair. Your hair and skin needs vitamins and nutrients just like the rest of you, and the rich fatty acids in olive oil can help your hair appear thicker.

Thinning hair remedies
Female thinning hair is a widespread problem, and there are lots of thinning hair remedies out there. But sometimes the most effective treatment is to work with what you have. Age and genetics are likely to cause some thinning hair problems no matter what you do, but hairstyles for thin hair can help to hide the problem.

Use a strategic cut and color to hide thinning hair. Women also have the option of using special tools, like Bump Its, that supplement real hair to provide the illusion of volume. Curls, waves, mousse and other styling tricks make thin, flat hair look rich and full.

Find more thinning hair remedies in our free special report, Expert Solutions for Thinning Hair and Female Hair Loss Treatments for Women Over 50.

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