Use black pepper as a natural grey hair dye

September 26, 2015 at 12:00 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Grey hair dye that comes in a box can be messy, dangerous and difficult to use. Chemicals smell bad, and those pre-packaged dyes have a tendency to stain towels, clothing, skin and everything else they touch. When you want to turn your hair back to black, try a home remedy that many women swear by: black pepper hair dye.

Black pepper grey hair dye recipes

Black pepper is one of the most common and most-traded spices in the world. It’s famous for spicing things up, causing involuntary sneezing and getting ground up table-side at fancy restaurants. But some women say that black pepper can be a viable method of coloring grey hair, too. Use black pepper grey hair dye recipes to give it a try on your own.

  • And yogurt. Grind 2 grams of black pepper into a fine powder, and mix it with 1 cup of plain white yogurt. Together, the two ingredients will create a speckled, grayish paste that no one would want to eat. Luckily, you’re putting on your hair instead. Massage this mixture into your hair, root to tip, three times a week. Leave the yogurt-pepper mix on your hair for 1 hour before washing and thoroughly rinsing it away. You should notice your hair becoming darker. The yogurt is also a very effective conditioner, and will help soften and moisturize your locks.
  • And curd. Grind 1 gram of black pepper up as fine as you can get it, and mix into 1/2 cup of curd. Add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix the homemade grey hair dye together well. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil to the formula, if desired, to help balance out the acidity of the lemon juice. Apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair, and let sit for 30 minutes. Wash the dye away thoroughly. Use the mixture twice a week to cover grey hair color naturally, turning it into a rich black.

Always be cautious when using black pepper to naturally darken your hair. Black pepper contains a specific chemical that creates its spicy, hot nature. Get black pepper in your eye, and it will sting. Put it on your skin, and it will cause a hot, painful irritation. You must add a cooling ingredient, like yogurt or curd, in order to withstand the heat of the black pepper on your head. Wear gloves when grinding and handling the black pepper itself, and keep the homemade grey hair dye away from children and pets who may be more sensitive to the effects of the spice. Coloring grey hair, even with natural dyes, isn’t easy. Be careful about what you’re doing, and use your homemade dyes only if they are causing you no ill effects.

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