Tips to make hairstyles for fine hair look fuller

September 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

The hair you have isn’t always the hair you were born with, and you may discover the need for hairstyles for fine hair later in life. Hair texture is affected by changing hormones in the body, something women experience in the extreme during menopause. Fine hair has a tendency to lay flat against the head, a look that’s unflattering on most anyone. But there are ways to make even fine hair look fuller, and you don’t have to rely entirely on thickening creams and chemicals.

Haircuts for fine hair

Great hairstyles for fine hair begin with the haircut you choose. Layers are a good way to give your hair lift and volume, but you’ve got to instruct your hairdresser to be cautious. Adding lots of layers to your head will thin out the bottom edges and make your hair look like it has less volume, not more. Cut a few layers near your face and around the head to give hair lift, no more.

Layered hairstyles for fine hair are easy to maintain. Apply a little styling product near your roots to lift layers away from the bulk of your hair, creating volume and fullness. Use lightweight, non-greasy mousse or styling gel that won’t weigh down your thin hair, and remember that a little goes a long way.

Hair care for fine hair

Proper hair care is important to maintaining attractive hairstyles for fine hair. Fine hair is easily weighed down by heavy hair products. Use shampoos that are made for fine hair. Instead of conditioner, which can be heavy and may weigh down fine hair, use a lightweight detangler.

To style fine hair, blow-dry hair on a low-heat setting. Brush hair with a round brush to curl layers inward or outward, giving them more volume to create a full look. Get your hair trimmed frequently to maintain the style and keep layers at their proper length.

Tricks for fine hair

A good cut, styling tricks and even coloring techniques make hairstyles for fine hair look thick, full and healthy. Find what works for you by experimenting with different products and hairstyles. Play with the placement of your part, and use bobby pins to hold back small sections of hair. There are lots of ways to make even fine hair look healthy and luxurious.

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