Thinning hair: Women may get it worse in winter

December 1, 2011 at 3:41 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Winter hair problems include dull tresses, dandruff, dry scalp, itchiness…and thinning hair. Women commonly experience extra or even excessive hair loss during winter months, when skin is dried out by biting winds, dry centralized heating systems and moisture loss. Is this why so many women resort to wearing scarves on their heads in cold weather? Don’t be so quick to cover up problems — sometimes, female hair thinning can be treated.

Winter problems

Cold winter winds rob your skin of moisture, even skin that’s covered by hair. If you’ve ever looked at your arm, you know that your entire body is covered with hairs — though some are so fine they are hardly visible to the naked eye. Hair may help to keep your scalp a little warmer, but it doesn’t make skin impervious to the effects of all that cold air. The cold dries out your skin, but then so does the warmth. The heat produced by centralized systems is often drying, too, so either way your skin is in for some troubled times the minute temperatures start to drop. The dryness can lead to extra hair loss and thinning hair.

Women may see this dryness not just in skin but in the hair itself. If you find your hair turning frizzy and brittle in winter, you already know how powerful this season can be. But you don’t have to race south with the ducks just to keep your locks healthy in winter. Seasonal female hair thinning can be treated.

Hair solutions

No one wants to have thinning hair. Women can keep their locks looking thicker, healthier and glossy with regular wintertime maintenance.

  • Moisture. You’ve got to moisturize your scalp and your hair regularly during the winter. Use regular conditioner every other day, every day if hair is still too dry, and leave it in for a few minutes to really let the moisture seep into hair. If you find that your locks are still too dry, apply a hot oil treatment weekly or bi-weekly to provide extra moisture. Too much moisture will weigh down locks, so find a balance between too moist and too dry.
  • Wash. Fungus problems on the scalp become more common in winter. It’s a common practice to avoid washing hair when it starts to get dried out, but this is a big mistake. Healthy hair is clean hair, and you’re flirting with a possible fungal infection if you don’t wash regularly. Just remember when you wash to use lukewarm water, not hot. The hot water will only dry out the scalp and lead to more hair loss and problems with thinning hair. Women who take hot baths or showers are advised to wash their hair separately in the basin to avoid this problem.
  • Dandruff. Flaky skin, otherwise known as a dandruff, is a common winter side effect when the scalp becomes dry. You don’t have to have special shampoo to get rid of the problem. Apply lemon juice to your scalp, leave for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do this once a day, and moisturize your scalp with conditioner, until the problem goes away.
  • Vitamins. Proper nutrition helps stay healthier, so enrich your diet with vitamins, especially biotin, and hair loss problems won’t be such a big problem. Hair needs protein, minerals and a vitamin-rich diet in order to grow and stay strong in its follicles.

Winter isn’t the only problem that causes thinning hair. Women may inherit the trait genetically, the same as men, and it’s fairly common for a women to lose some of her hair texture and mass with age and hormonal changes. A good haircut, styling tricks and coloring tips can help make your locks look much thicker and fuller than they actually are.

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