Thinning hair remedies: Apple cider vinegar

September 1, 2015 at 12:00 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Vinegar is one of those ingredients in everyone’s refrigerator, but most people don’t know it’s often cited among thinning hair remedies. It’s used for cleaning, stain-removable and even salad dressing, but apple cider vinegar is much lesser-known as an all-around beauty aid and thinning hair treatment.

The wonders of vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used more as a household cleaner than as a consumable ingredient by many, but when it’s swallowed it can actually help clear up all sorts of health problems. Some swear by it to control acid reflux, acne and a myriad of other ills. But when you use it on your head instead of drinking it, apple cider vinegar can help treat female hair thinning and make your locks look a lot healthier.

  • Shine. Apple cider vinegar helps remove buildup and mineral deposits in your hair (it is used as a stain-remover, after all). When you use it as a hair rinse following a regular shampoo, the vinegar will help bring out your hair’s shine. Shiny hair looks richer, and this creates the illusion that it has more volume.
  • Cleanse. Vinegar helps to clean things, so when you rinse your hair in it you’re getting rid of any lingering soap residue and chemicals that might otherwise dull and deaden your locks. Clean hair is healthier, and less weighed down by grime. The vinegar helps keep your hair lighter and looser as a result, and even thinning locks will look thicker.
  • Stimulate. Make sure the vinegar gets all the way to your scalp when you’re rinsing in order to stimulate your follicles. The vinegar removes any oil that may be blocking follicles and preventing new hair growth. It also increases blood flow in the scalp to encourage hair growth. A clean scalp will itch less, and the vinegar will help to prevent dandruff as well. Clogged follicles will only create thin, dull and dry hair; that’s why a clean scalp is an essential defense against female hair thinning.
  • Acid. A vinegar rinse will help to counter-act the acids in alkaline shampoos. These shampoos are the enemy of female hair thinning, because they can damage the protective layer around the scalp. Damage to this layer leaves hair exposed to toxins. Harmful toxins will cause damage to your hair, the type of damage that leads to female hair thinning.

Apple cider vinegar does a lot of help you in the battle against female hair thinning, but thinning hair remedies isn’t the end of the story. Vinegar also helps to treat frizzy hair, which only calls attention to female hair thinning. When mixed with black strap molasses and ingested, urban legend says that apple cider vinegar will prevent and maybe even reverse grey hair. Drink apple cider vinegar by itself to prevent wrinkles; some women swear it works wonders!

Updated 9-1-15

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