Stop coloring grey hair? Three steps to going grey beautifully

July 27, 2011 at 9:02 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

At 56, Vibrant Nation member Stillwaters stopped coloring grey hair to see just what color it really was. She uncovered a pleasant surprise – the beautiful grey hair she’d admired as a child on her grandmother.

“I was pleasantly surprised that my hair reminded me of my Grandmother’s beautiful grey hair I admired as a child,” Stillwaters wrote in response to “Taking a Stand on Gray: Prophet, Martyr or just Lucky?“. “She used to laugh at me when I told her how pretty her finger waves looked when she took off her scarf.”

Many women find they love the look of their naturally changing locks and choose to stop coloring grey hair. These days, grey is as much a matter of personal style as a sign of aging. Stars like Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman are sporting natural grey hair while some young starlets are dying their hair grey and silver as a fashion statement.

So if you’ve been coloring grey hair for years, how do you gracefully go grey?
First, manage the shift to your real hair color just as you’ve managed artificially dying your hair, advices Lois Joy Johnson, author of Vibrant Nation’s guide to Great Hair After 50.

“If you’ve been coloring your hair for years, now is the time to consider whether you want to continue the expense of camouflage or formulate an exit strategy,” Johnson said. “Discuss some options with your colorist and stylist. Maybe you’d prefer to spend on a great cut but give up the color gradually over the next six months, or downshift to a less costly color solution. A pro can help you through the process like a good therapist.”

Second, step up efforts to ensure your hair is healthy. When hair loses its color, the texture changes, which means your hair may become drier, more wiry or coarse, according to an article on Simply Anti-Aging. Use conditioning shampoos, deep conditioning masks and oils, and a finishing product to give your hair that glossy look.

The article also suggests you drink plenty of water, eat well and consider a vitamin supplement for healthy hair.

Third, give yourself a full style makeover. Why stop at your hair color? Going grey is a great reason to update your look. Simple Anti-Aging suggests you schedule a makeover to learn which colors will best complement grey hair. Consider adding some of those colors to your wardrobe as well.

Since the texture of your hair will most likely be different when you’re no longer coloring grey hair, you might try a new cut or style that shows off the sophistication of grey hair.

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