Women 50+ Know: Sexy shoes that don’t hurt

December 2, 2011 at 5:31 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN members

1. Crocs Larasita
From Meigler in Sensible shoes that are cute
“Check out Crocs.com. For a long time all they had were the huge clogs or flip-flops. Now they have a ton of other options, including dressy shoes. Just look at all the options on their site. I wear Crocs about 300 days a year. It’s true they are on the plain side. However, being able to walk around town all day pain free without needing to kick off your shoes every ten minutes is definitely worth it.”

2. Helle Kinka
From Pamela4 in Sensible shoes that are cute
“The best brands are Helle, Privo (sport shoes), Nike Air, Clarks, and Born. You can find them at great prices on eBay all new in boxes for half the price of retail. These brands are nice ones, well made, comfortable. The ‘Helle’ brand is European and they have some really nice heels that you can stay in all day.”

3. Ariat Tropez
From Shadowlady in Sexy walking shoes
“ARIAT shoes! I bought a pair of walking sandals pretty enough to wear with skirts, shorts or jeans. Wore them aaaaaaaaalllllllll day for 3 days in NYC in summer with not even a hint of a blister.”

4. Jambu Lido
From Ana Maria Johnson in Sexy walking shoes
“I wore Jambu while traveling in Europe and South America and walked for miles with no problems. They are as comfortable as if they were running shoes. One of my favorites is a model called Brighton, but I see they have replaced it for a model called Lido. People always comment on how good looking they are. I wear them with leggings and tunics that I get at Victoria’s Secret, therefore they are sexy!”

5. Dolce Vita Jade
From Ana Maria Johnson in Sexy Walking Shoes
“For dressing up, platforms are a MUST to be comfortable. I wear 5-inches heels and have no problems. Wedges, again with platforms, are very easy to wear and walk in everywhere. Presently I wear all day long and walk all over the place with Dolce Vita’s Jade shoes.”

6. Ecco Kalac Caged Wedge
From Lefty303 in Sensible Shoes That are cute
“I’m a sixty year old (is that possible??) innkeeper and am on my feet from 6:30AM until 8:30PM seven days a week. For shoes, I absolutely swear by Ecco’s. They have been such a lifesaver. Fairly expensive but worth every single penny!”

7. Aerosoles Ride Line
From Joanna in Comfortable shoes that aren’t frumpy
“Aerosoles has comfortable shoes that are really gorgeous. The sales are great now!”

What are your favorite sexy, yet wearable, walkable shoes?

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