Risks and side effects of breast reduction surgery: Scars and permanent damage

January 17, 2011 at 9:02 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

If you’re thinking of having breast reduction surgery, or if you’re considering breast reduction and lift or any breast cosmetic surgery, it’s important to understand that it’s as dangerous as any other surgery. Further, there are several risks and side effects associated with breast reduction surgery.

In Vibrant Nation’s guide to Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery after 50 Knife Coach Wendy Lewis outlines several risks:

  • Breast reduction scars
    Breast reduction scars are extensive and permanent. They often remain lumpy and red for months and then gradually become less obvious, sometimes eventually fading to thin white lines. Scars can often be placed inconspicuously enough so that you can even wear low-cut tops.
  • Loss of pigment around the areola
    Another potential complication more common with free nipple graft methods is the loss of pigment around the areola. This can be improved if necessary with micro pigmentation or tattooing. The procedure can also leave slightly mismatched breasts or unevenly positioned nipples.
  • Sores around the nipple
    Some patients develop small sores around their nipples after surgery that can be easily treated with antibiotic creams.
  • Loss of milk ducts
    Future breast-feeding may not be possible, since the surgery removes many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples.
  • Loss of sensation
    You’re likely to experience some loss of sensation can be expected in your nipples and breast skin, caused by swelling after your breast reduction surgery. It usually fades within six weeks, but in some cases, it may last a year or more, and occasionally it may be permanent.
  • Nipple and areola necrosis
    It possible that the nipple and areola may lose their blood supply, and the tissue will suffer from necrosis and have to be
    treated while it heals.

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