Minimize breast reduction scars with home remedies

June 23, 2011 at 9:03 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Women get breast reduction and lift surgery to make their bodies look better, but unsightly breast reduction scars can keep them from showing off their new look. There’s nothing wrong with costly products that reduce breast reduction scars, but it may be possible to get the same results without them. Minimize breast reduction scars with easy-to-use home remedies.

Breast reduction scars

Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking, even when the procedure is relatively simple. Never take cutting into your body lightly, and explore all the options and side effects before you decide to have plastic surgery. Even if your breast reduction and lift surgery is free of complications and produces the desired results, you will still have breast reduction scars that will make skin look red, puckered and ropey — potentially for many months.

First and foremost, follow all after-care instructions in order to reduce breast reduction scars. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive list of instructions that may include using lotion on your skin, icing down the area when swelling appears, and staying out of direct sunlight. Take good care of yourself following cosmetic surgery. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and follow all the doctor’s orders to the letter.

Breast reduction surgery scars aren’t going to fade overnight, and no matter how well you take care of yourself you may find they aren’t fading fast enough. Use home remedies and easy, at-home tips to lessen the appearance of breast reduction scars, so you can start enjoying the other aftereffects of your breast reduction and lift surgery.

Home remedies that reduce scarring

Many medications are derived from nature, and it’s likely that those expensive topical creams you’re using to reduce breast reduction scars are made form naturally-occurring minerals and nutrients found in plants. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, which helps to reduce scars when it’s ingested and when it’s applied to the skin. Other foods that are rich in vitamin K include spinach, kale, chard and green cabbage.

Other natural plants may be applied directly to the scars to minimize their appearance:

  • Banana. Mash the pulp of a banana and apply it directly to your skin daily to minimize breast reduction surgery scars.
  • Raw garlic. Uncooked garlic cloves have skin-tightening and healing qualities that help to reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Onions. Extract of the common onion is the main ingredient in Mederma, an over-the-counter product that’s highly-touted for reducing the appearance of scars. Onions contain some anti-inflammatory medicinal properties, which helps to relieve skin and reduce scars.

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