Make coloring grey hair easy with hair mascara

July 7, 2012 at 9:01 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

No one goes grey all at once, and coloring grey hair can be tricky for years before your head goes full-on silver. New roots may emerge in multiple shades, and the more your hair grows the more grey hair treatments you’ll need. Use hair mascara to cover your roots and problem areas, and wait until you’re ready for all-over grey hair dye treatments.

Hair mascara

Hair mascara costs as little as $3 a tube, and comes in the whole spectrum of hair colors. Some hair mascaras even have conditioner in them to help nourish the roots. The mascara is non-permanent grey hair dye which generally washes right out; it’s perfect for stretching out those grey hair treatments a little longer.

Some hair mascara products are made to look like markers; you actually “color” in your grey hair color to use them. But many hair mascaras look just like the stuff you put on your eyelashes, so you definitely don’t want to get the two mixed up. If you use both regular mascara and hair mascara to hide your grey hair color, keep them in separate places. Keep you regular mascara in the make-up bag, but store the hair mascara in the medicine cabinet.

Make sure other females in the house know the hair mascara is for the top of the head, not their eyes! The dye in the product may cause eye irritation. Check the warning label to see what you should do if you or someone else gets the hair mascara around or in their eyes.

Grey hair dye

Hair mascara is a great way to stretch time between coloring appointments, or cover up greys when only a few are present. You should always use caution when you’re using  grey hair dye at home, however. Products that are made for coloring grey hair can also color skin, clothing, counters and anything else in the vicinity, so even in small amounts grey hair dye should be handled with care.

Home dye kits can also be used selectively if you don’t want to color all your hair at once, and this can be a more cost-effective solution if you have to cover up grey frequently. Hair mascara and other touch-up devices are used only for very small amounts of hair. Once you have to start coloring whole patches, you may want to look into trying some other grey hair dye treatment options.

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