Have I Become Dennis the Menace?

December 6, 2011 at 11:07 am in Fashion & Beauty by Fran Young

This latest revelation about aging is really gettin’ me mad

I knew about sagging necks and flagging hormones, understood the facts of cellulite, felt the alarm of grey hair “down there”, worried about thinning eyebrows and lashes…

But how come no one warned me about….it’s hard to say…ahem…..COWLICKS?

Yes, I do believe I’ve turned into Dennis the Menace, the most cowlick-notorious character I can think of! And, folks, it ain’t pretty!

Where has my formerly normal hairline moved to? I used to have straight bangs to cover up a sun-worshiper’s forehead mess–I NOW have loops and swoopes, flips and flaps of hair that has serious issues and a definite mind of its own. Argh! See that photo of me up top? Sayonara, chickie…

No amount of gel, hairspray or ANYthing can lay my hair down in submission to style.

So, here’s my question:  Is a shifting scalp (for I can think of no other reason I’m experiencing this change) the usual expectation of getting older? Is anyone else experiencing the tides of hairline shifting and sliding like a sun bleached tsunami? Is anyone else’s scalp in mid-shift?

(and I won’t even get into thinning issues….at least I was expecting THAT!)