Hairstyles for thin hair: The shag is still stylish

February 27, 2012 at 5:08 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

The best hairstyles for thin hair use lightweight layers to create the illusion of volume, much like a certain 70s ‘do that will forever be a part of television and fashion infamy. Yes, the shag is back…but did it ever really leave the fashion scene?

The classic shag

Shag was the best swag of the 1970s. It was the hottest carpeting, and it was the hottest hairstyle thanks to celebs like Jane Fonda and Florence Henderson. One was a celebrated sex symbol, the other a celebrated TV mom. Both were hair icons of their day. But today, those old 70s shags are the stuff of jokes and bad wigs. The classic shag is best displayed by Sandy Duncan in the Brady Bunch movie: a long layer of hair at the base of the neck, with successively shorter layers ending at the very top of the head cropped close to a center part. . The kids may scoff, but it was the Rachel of its day.

Today’s shag

The 70s shag is a thing of the past, and it should definitely stay that way. But newer, more modern shag hairstyles have emerged, and they make the old cut look hip and fresh. In more modern shags, the length between layers of hair is less exaggerated to create a soft, feathery effect (not unlike another 70s hair craze). Modern shags may be cut with angles layers to create a unique, stylized look. Worn with or without bangs, the shag is a great way to make thin hair look much thicker. Many celebs have worn a shag ‘do over the years, providing great inspiration for flattering, full hairstyles for thin hair. Modern shags still have the multiple layers that make hair look light and bouncy. The layers create the illusion of fullness and volume, which helps hide thin and fine hair.

Find inspiration in celebrities who have worn shag hairstyles in the past. Older celebs like Jean Smart and Sharon Stone have worn fabulous, modern shags in straight, multilayered cuts that are easy to style. Meg Ryan and Lisa Rinna have worn curly and wavy shag hairstyles that add lift and volume to thinning locks. The curls and waves give the shaggy cut depth and bounce. And the queen of shags, Jane Fonda, can still be looked to for great hair inspiration when it comes to shag styles. Shaggy short hairstyles for thin hair need to be cut and colored often, but they can be styled with just a little mousse and they easily lend themselves to both formal and casual looks.

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