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October 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm in Fashion & Beauty by Barb Hughes

As I search for what I’m ‘supposed’ to look like as a woman over 50 in our society, I look for clues from real women who’ve been there.

One observation: there really is no ‘one style fits all’ fashion in life.  What works for a 12 year old, 25 year old, 40 year old, 55 year old, 70 year old, and 90 year old  might (and many times is) vastly different.  But that’s O.K.  Diversity is what makes things interesting.  There are plenty of magazines and catalogs that give fashion ideas for babies through maybe 30 year olds, but what then?

For the woman who wants to see what other women over 40 are wearing, there’s Over 40 Fashions (If you’re at least 40 years old you can be a model on Over 40 Fahions and show off your own style as well).   And for glamour and a fresh look at the 70+ woman, photographer Ari Seth Cohen has put together a blog that features fashionable and fabulous ‘advanced’ women at Advanced Style.

Most of the style advice on the Advanced Style site seems to be gleaned from women in the 70+ range, and tends to gravitate towards the whimsical and theatrical, especially in color and accessories.  And why not?  Why not allow clothes to brighten not only your day, but make the people around you smile – from enjoyment, surprise, or thinking you are out of your mind – it’s fun to keep people guessing:).

I also gleaned some style ideas that work well for women in their 40’s-60’s:

1. quality fabrics that flow and suggest curves without showing every lump

2. fashionable, practical, comfortable, stylish, low heeled shoes and boots

3. covering chest/cleavage, upper arm, and leg skin in such a way that says ‘confident’, not ‘boring’

In my early 50’s, I’m not daring enough to pull off what some of these playful 90 year olds are doing, but I can certainly take a page out of their book.

Here’s a photo of Lynn Dell The Countess of Glamour

I love her use of fabric, flow, and fashion to create a style that is timeless and sexy, yet versatile and functional for all ages.  I mean, you could walk, bike, go out to dinner, go to work, and even (if you take the boots off) sleep in these pieces.  Now THAT’S getting your money’s worth.

I’ve also enjoyed the links on his site that feature advanced women giving their opinions on fashions, including Meows by Mary (her humorous writing style, and story about Orange being everywhere was funny), Debra Rapoports Page (a thrifty artist who incorporates play into her life), Lynn Dell, Countess of Glamour (who has her own fashion talk show and believes a woman should “dress for the theater of your life”).  The Advanced Style video links include practical tips for women, such as how to wear long silver hair put up half-and-half by a sexy 57 year old.

Not only style is featured, but wisdom learned over the years is featured under the link that says Ilona Smithkin: Wisdom From A 90 Year Old Lady .  Some amazing videos of fashion and life advice.

There’s even a link where you can send in a photo of yourself under the “I’m Proud to be ____ Years Old”.

The Advanced Style blog is an art and fashion site, and I appreciate it as such. But it also shows the glow of  classy, real, non-airbrushed women, which is refreshing in a world of  models chosen by cookie-cutter body/height and youth alone.

Have you checked out these sites for women’s fashion over 50?  Do you have other fashion sites you go to for encouragement and advice on what really works on real bodies over 5o?



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