Flattering bangs after 50: How to get the best cut for you

September 12, 2015 at 9:50 pm in Fashion & Beauty by Lois Joy Johnson

“Bangs not Botox” is the mantra of women who know what the term fringe benefit really means. Stylist Isabelle Goetiz of the Okyo Salon in Georgetown, Washington D.C. is all for them. “Bangs do bring out your eyes more but they don’t have to be straight across your forehead. A soft full brushed to the side long bang looks soft and flatters lots of women.”
I’ve had bangs since I turned 40. It was one of those personal style-defining moments when you find your look and know it works. Women with bangs appreciate the way they hide forehead creases, camouflage the “elevens” (those vertical lines between your brows), frame your eyes and somehow turn crow’s feet to laugh lines.

Of course there are good bangs and bad bangs. Any old bangs won’t do and they need to work with the rest of your hair.

Long, brow-covering bangs

1. Long, brow-covering full soft bangs dress up your face and make your eyes a focal point, even without a stitch of makeup.

2. They hide weak or bad retro brows that never grew back without the need for brow makeup. (My reason for never letting go of bangs!)

Long, side-swept bangs

3. Long side-swept bangs give you the option of wearing them or blending them off the face when the mood strikes.

4. They’re the easiest to manage if your hair is blown smooth but naturally curly or you’re ambivalent about a long-term commitment to bangs.

5. Sweeping bangs can also help camouflage a thinning or receding hairline.

Choppy, uneven bangs

6. Choppy uneven bangs work with shaggy dos and shortcuts for a broken up tousled look.

Bangs are the fastest way to change your look without making a major change. But as NYC stylist Mark Garrison of the Mark Garrison Salon says, there are four things to know if you are thinking about cutting bangs after 50:

7. Bangs will not work if you have a low forehead or a cowlick at your hairline.

8. Bangs are fantastic for women with a high forehead or receding hairline, it doesn’t have to be a heavy fringe — just a side swept swoosh will do.

9. Bangs are great for covering forehead lines — they provide excellent camouflage.

10. Don’t cut bangs wider than your cheekbones — you don’t want to go much further than the outside edges of the eyes for maximum flattery. Bangs cut too wide can emphasize eyes that droop at the outer corners.

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