Fine hair styles hide thinning hair

February 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Women with thinning hair can find comfort in fine hair styles that hide the lack of volume. Styles that are made to be sleek or built to be full make even fine and thinning hair look healthy, thick and luscious. Female hair thinning is a common problem, but nothing says you’ve got to take it with your hair lying down.

Female thinning hair

Women may lose volume in their hair for a number of reasons. Poor nutrition, ill health, certain medications and medical treatments, divorce, stress, the list goes on and on. But one of the most common reasons for female thinning hair is menopause. The hormonal changes mess with your system in a variety of ways. If you think hot flashes are bad, try seeing all your hair go down the bathroom drain.

In some cases, female thinning hair will correct itself. Your follicles will recover, and the hair grows back. But when age and menopause bring these changes, they could be permanent. Fine hair styles help hide the signs of female hair thinning, so you can maintain a big, full look or a sleek, sexy one.

Your hair’s style

Female hair thinning is often disguised with short haircuts that de-emphasize the sparse locks. Multiple short layers are great for creating volume around the top of the head and the face, and short hairstyles can be quick and easy to style. But fine hair may only look limp and even thinner when it’s paired with a short cut.

Some of the best fine hair styles are long. Because fine hair is so light and thin, it’s easier to wave and curl than thick, heavy long hair. Use a curling iron or rollers to add curls and waves to your tresses, making them stand out and away from your neck and head. Use hair pins to clip sections of curling hair away from your face to arrange a pleasing style. Layers can be beneficial in fine hair styles, but cut longer layers instead of short, and be sparing. Too many layers will only make hair look thinner and finer. A few layers help add buoyancy and lightness, and they’ll help your curls and waves appear fluffier.

Long, sleek styles can be sexy, and fine hair is perfect to get the look. Add a slight wave to the hair immediately around the face, curl the ends under, and wear your fine hair close to the scalp to get that sleek look. A spritz of gloss will make locks shine, so they look healthy and rich instead of fine and thin.

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