Donuts and sausages make hairstyles for fine hair possible

August 24, 2011 at 12:37 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Does it sound crazy to use donuts and sausages to create hairstyles for fine hair? Only if you’ve never used one before to add volume to flat, thin hair.

Not those kinds of donuts…

Hair donuts are not sweet confections or even savory treats; they’re a foam hair insert that can be used to craft the perfect hairstyles for fine hair. Ballerina buns and other updos that are hard to create become a lot easier when you’ve got a donut insert. Even fine, flat hair will look soft, puffy and full with a hair donut. The donut is so named because of its shape — hair donuts are round, soft sponges that are about the size and shape of a standard, edible doughnut without the hole.

Hair sausages (or rats) help you create French twists and other gorgeous updo styles. Roll the length of your hair around the sausage and bring it up to the base of your neck to create an elegant, soft curl that looks full of hair (not foam). Hair sausages are flexible and fold-able, so you can bend and twist them as needed to create the hairstyles for fine hair you want.

Bumpits (“bump its”) add a “poof” to your hair, to give you glamorous Hollywood lift. Hairstyles for thin hair are not very height- or volume-friendly, but if you add a little piece of plastic you can get the full look you want without all the styling agony. Many celebrities use these devices, even those with glorious locks, because otherwise you’d have to tease and torment your hair to get the volume and thickness a bump it can provide. Simply insert the bump it where you want it and place hair over it, always going with the natural grain and fall of your tresses.

Styling tips for hairstyles with thin hair

Strategic cuts, good color and styling tricks help make fine hair look fuller. Highlights and lowlights add depth to hair and help it catch light and shadows in all the right places, giving it the illusion of thickness. Employ a cut with multiple layers to give hair lift. Blunt cuts that frame the face are also flattering for hairstyles for thin hair; your flat locks will serve as a frame for the true focal point.

The leading cause of hair loss is genetics, but your daily life plays a role in thinning hair, too. When you begin to loose hair to thinning, it will deplete volume and make your locks look finer and flatter in texture. Use gentle styling methods to avoid excess hair-pulling and damage. Tight ponytails and buns only put pressure on the scalp, which leads to greater hair loss. Be good to your hair to keep it healthier longer.

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