Clothes for women over 50: What to wear on vacation

September 14, 2015 at 11:18 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors


Going on vacation is something to celebrate. You’re escaping your life for a little while, you’re going to see or do something wonderful. You’re getting away from it all. And you have every right to look absolutely fabulous while you’re doing it, but none of your business-casual dresses and first date outfits will do. You need to know what to wear on vacation, and that smart professional’s jacket isn’t on the list.

Summer Must-Haves

If you’re going on vacation, there’s a high probability that you’re either vacationing in the summer or going into a warmer climate with summery qualities. Dressing for summer weather is always a pain, because it’s hard to know how revealing you can be and stay age-appropriate. You don’t want to walk around completely covered up and sweating all day. The Huffington Post says you should put together a few summer-friendly items to get vacation-ready.

  • White blouse: Get a collared white blouse that’s tailored and flattering to your shape. Button-downs are fashionable, and look a little dressier than your average T-shirt. A short-sleeved white blouse is light and comfortable in warm weather, and works well with anything else you want to wear.
  • Safari jacket: Safari jackets and safari blazers have a wrap design that’s very form-flattering, and pockets that allow you to keep your vacation gear handy. They’re made to be lightweight for warm weather wear, and they’re great for layering when you don’t know what the day will bring.
  • Khakis: Get a skinny-fit khaki capri pant, and you can go anywhere. Great with flats and sandals, you can wear your fitted capris during the day or the evening. Grab a pair in black for night time wear, and you’ll be well-dressed at any resort.
  • Shift dress: Get a simple shift dress, or better yet get a few, to create a casual day or quick cocktail look in a moment. Shift dresses fit loosely but with a tailored shape that’s very flattering and forgiving at the same time. Anything with a fit like that is perfect for a vacation, where you may be sampling more cuisine than usual.

Dressing Like a Tourist

When you’re on vacation, you want to fit in a little. At least, you don’t want to stand out as a tourist.

Catherine Adde, a VN member, shared her tips for dressing in exotic lands. She suggests comfortable walking shoes or leather boots, along with jeans and a well-cut blazer or trench coat when you need to add layers.

“Dress comfortably and appropriately,” suggests VN member Moongirl007, but she adds “I’m no fan of white tennis shoes or sweat pants.”


If you’re going on vacation, there’s a possibility you might be going to the beach or relaxing poolside. This poses problems in the wardrobe department. Are you past the age of a bikini? Should you hug your cover-up close? What’s okay to wear once you hit that over-50 mark? The Daily Mail weighed in on the topic recently.

Researchers learned that almost 20 percent of women aged 50 to 59 wear bikinis, and more older actresses dress with casual but age-appropriate seductiveness. If you feel good and look good in your swimsuit, then you should wear it. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to beach wear, and you’re limited only by your own comfort level. Wear a cover-up if you’re more comfortable with that, or shrug it off and walk the sand if you’re feeling bold. You made it this far in life, so nothing as small as a swimsuit can stop you now.

On the Plane

Transitioning to or from the vacation can be daunting, too. Dressing for a plane is difficult, because comfort plays a key role. You may also be moving between climates, and that makes it hard to choose the right fashion.

Look for something comfortable but stylish, suggests VN member Dallas Lady. “Khaki pants, a nice linen shirt, flats,” she wrote. “Want to look stylish? Throw in a scarf of some type, some big sunglasses.”

“Comfort is the thing, nowadays,” agreed VN member Christa.

“Go for comfort and safety,” says VN member watruw8ing4. “Trekking from gate to gate is best done in comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Wearing anything that wrinkles easily will just make you look more unkempt at arrival. And don’t forget your seat neighbor may be a klutz. So I wouldn’t wear anything that has to be dry-cleaned.”

“Not saying you should dress like a slob,” she added. “A nice loose pair of khakis and a decent top would suffice.”

Tips to Remember

Keep some tips in mind when you’re shopping for clothes and packing for your vacation, and you’ll always be well-dressed. Stacy London of What Not to Wear shared some of her tips with MSNBC.

  • Fit: Focus on finding items that fit well. Don’t buy something with the expectation that you’ll soon lose a few pounds. Buy something that fits perfectly now.
  • Underwear: Your lingerie should fit perfectly, too. Get bras in the correct size that feel comfortable and keep your chest supported.
  • Color: Wear neutral colors, says London. Navy, charcoal, black and khaki are all very age-appropriate. They are a little boring for your vacation. When you want to kick it up a notch, go for vivid jewel tones like emerald green, deep purple and ruby red. Pair them with silver and gold to make the colors pop.

Dress for comfort and for what makes you feel good, and you’ll always be making good choices.


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