Cleavage and Decolletage Debate

July 25, 2011 at 7:18 pm in Fashion & Beauty, Healthy Living by Haralee

Something that is taken for granted is cleavage and decolletage, until you look in the mirror or at pictures and realize that this may not be the look for you anymore. Did you grow a bony sternum overnight? Did your skin under your chin get put into the dryer? Did your SPF Zillion stop working on your chest skin?

It is true you can buy a strong under-wire bra to lift the girls to their former location. A push up bra will give you a bit of cleavage and a foam or contour or padded bra will give you some bosom. Trust me, however, lots of cleavage and or deep V-necklines are not friendly options as we age. Here are the reasons:

  1. Gravity
    Gravity has pulled the girls down regardless of what size, so when yanked up they still are sitting a bit south.
  2. Spots on decolletage
    Discolored skin caused by sun damage, birth control pills, hormones, or who knows what causes a distraction.
  3. Wrinkled Skin
    Right at your cleavage the skin resembles the skin on a chicken leg or looks like the sand on the beach at low tide.
  4. Bony
    No one wants to see your bony sternum.
  5. Flab
    No one wants to see flab escaping from your bra or dress.

So what to do? Avoid the Deep V-Neck. Supportive bras are a must but ease up on the push up style. If you discover you have chicken skin, are bony, or have flab, great flattering alternatives are the boat-neck or cowl neckline or a modest V-neck. If you are not looking for the Hoochie Mama or Bony Waif look, ask an honest girlfriend or partner for their opinion.

It is only fashion but fashionably aging gracefully is an art and a skill!

What fashion changes have you made?

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