Breast reduction scars: Before and after pictures are available online

October 21, 2011 at 9:02 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Is the thought of having breast reduction scars keeping you from having breast reduction surgery or breast reduction and lift surgery? Sometimes the anticipation and fear of the unknown is worse than the reality. If you want to see what breast reduction scars look like, you can find before and after breast reduction surgery pictures all over the internet.

You’re not likely to have a whole bunch of friends who’re clamoring to show your their breast reduction scars or talk about how they’ve managed to minimize scarring.

Your breast reduction scars will be more or less prominent based on the method your surgeon chooses as well as your skin’s tendency to scar. In the most commonly used procedure, the surgeon cuts around the nipple and down through the center of each breast, leaving a breast reduction scar in an anchor pattern. This type of breast reduction scar will be covered by most bathing suits and blouses, even those that are low cut.

If you’d like to see photos of some results, check out these before and after surgery photos showing breast reduction scars after surgery performed at the Marina Plastic Surgery.

For example, breast reduction surgery was performed on a 55 year old woman who said her heavy breasts had burdened her since she was a teenager. She suffered from neck and back pain, rashes under her breasts, as well as poor posture. The after photo shows breast reduction scars, after her breasts were reduced from a size 40G to a 38D.

In another case, a 62-year-old woman felt that her large breasts made her look overweight in many outfits, despite the fact that she had maintained a nice figure though proper diet and exercise. After surgery, though she does have breast reduction scars, she said she felt relief from shedding the excess weight of her pendulous breasts and is pleased with their new appearance.

A 51 year old, 5’2″, 150 pound woman had a severe case of breast sagging, as is obvious in her before picture. Before her breast reduction surgery, she wore a 40 DDD bra and after surgery she was able to wear a 38 D cup. Her breast reduction and lift procedure left her with much more natural shaped breasts. Her after picture was taken 6 years after her procedure, and it’s easy to see that her breast reduction scars have faded very well.

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