Blonde hair and grey hair dye don’t always mix

September 1, 2015 at 5:16 pm in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Want to get gorgeous blonde color with grey hair dye? You might waste a ton of time and money on trial-and-error trying to get the perfect shade of blonde that completely hides the grey. Light blonde shades aren’t always strong enough to hide your natural grey hair color. When you’re going to go blonde, you’ve got to get the right color or you’ll end up with a grey-blonde tone that’s both colors at once, instead of one or the other.

Successfully coloring grey hair with blonde dyes

Many dyes that are used to turn hair blonde are made to lighten locks using hydrogen peroxide and other similar chemicals; they’re not made to cover your hair. When you’re trying to turn your grey hair color blonde, you’ll understand the difference. It’s one thing to strip the existing pigment out of dark hair, and alter the existing color to make it look lighter.

It’s a different process to give color to hair where there isn’t any, and that’s what’s going on when natural grey hair color appears in your head. Your follicles have stopped producing pigment, so there’s no color in place. When you want to be a blonde, you’ve got to find a grey hair dye that will cover your hair, not lighten it.

When using grey hair dye to turn your locks blonde, you’ve got to pick the right shade. Look for a warm blonde tone that has an orange or reddish base to it. Avoid ash blonde! Ash blonde already has a bit of a grey cast to it, and when you choose the wrong shade of blonde dye it’s likely you’re going to end up with this color anyway. Look for honey, strawberry and golden dye colors with a rich blonde color to them. The warm tones will hide the grey hair color more effectively than cool dye colors.

If you’re absolutely determined to get a cool blonde look instead of a warm one, you’re going to need a combination of bleach and color to make it work. It is extremely hard to create a beautiful platinum shade at home, and most women have to go to a professional colorist to get the right shade. Use an oil-based grey hair treatment to get a cool, platinum blonde look.

Use toner to correct your color if the grey hair dye doesn’t take to your locks as expected. The blonde toner helps cover the grey hair color and even out the color when the dye does not settle evenly on your tresses.

Updated 9-1-15

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