Using eyeliner like a pro: Tips and tricks for beautifully defined eyes

September 1, 2015 at 12:00 am in Fashion & Beauty by VN Editors

Applying makeup gets complicated as we age, because our skin has changed. It folds a little more easily, droops where it used to be tight and wrinkles when you wish it would stay smooth. All of this makes cosmetics smear and smudge more easily, and that’s not the look you want. There are a few tips and tricks for using eyeliner at our age, that will help adapt your makeup techniques to your changing face.

Of course, everyone has their own idea about how to get that “perfect make up” look. We’ve gathered the best tips from the VN community and around the web for using eyeliner like a pro. It’s really not all that difficult – if you’ve got the right kind of eyeliner and know all the tricks. Start with the right foundation for your eyeliner, and you’ll get a much more finished, perfect look.

  1. Prime. Prepare your eyes with a neutral primer that will create a more even, smooth base for your eye makeup. Allow the primer to dry for a minute before you start applying more cosmetics.
  2. Color. Put on your eye shadow before your eye liner. This will help the liner stay in place and prevent that smudging that makes your eyes look shadowed and messy. Flourish Over 50 advises using a neutral color that contrasts against your eye color to make your eyes look more brightly-colored. Green-eyed ladies, for example, should look for a shadow with khaki undertones.
  3. Darken. Highlight eyes and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles by adding a second, darker eye shadow to the outer corner of each eye. Blend it all together with a brush.

Applying eyeliner perfectly

Perfect eyeliner only begins with perfect preparation — it doesn’t end there. First, choose an eyeliner with a thin, soft point. Thick, heavy eyeliner will only age you, and settle into all those wrinkles you don’t want people to notice. A very thin line will define your eyes without making you look too heavily made up. Make up for over 50 women isn’t quite as versatile as make up for 20-somethings, but you’ve got the added benefit of wisdom and experience. Use it to create gorgeous eyes.

How to apply eye liner in your 50’s, makeup tutorial

  1. Pick a color, not any color. Cosmetics Cop suggests using soft colors to give your eyes depth and enhance the natural color. Deep plum, grey and dark brown will define your eyes beautifully. Avoid pastels, which can render your eyelashes unnoticeable.
  2. Choose a liner. Pencil eyeliners are popular, but not practical for makeup at 50. Pencil liners tend to smudge and smear, so all your hard work will be wasted. Instead, look for gel-based liners that will glide on smoothly and resist smudging.
  3. Drawing out your eyes. Begin at the outer corner of your eye and move inward with a smooth, gliding motion. Do not go all the way to the inner corner, where the tear duct is located. Stop the line when your natural lashes stop, or just before, a shade more than midway across the lid. Your eye will look smaller if you go from corner to corner, and that will only make eyes look wrinkled, puffy and older.  Don’t extend the line beyond the outer corner. You can create a catlike effect by applying shadow to the outer corner of the eyes. Placing liner here will only encourage smudging, and potentially draw attention to crow’s feet.
  4. Blend. Swipe gently across the line with the tip of your finger or a clean eye shadow brush to slightly smudge and soften the line. Blended make up is perfect make up.
  5. How to define the bottom of the eyes. Starting again from the outer corner, line your bottom eyelids only halfway and use a very delicate hand to place just a little color along the lash line. Bottom eye liner tends to smear more than the stuff you put on top, and you don’t want to ruin your under eye make up or make your eyes look baggy and shadowed.
  6. Finishing touch. Once you’ve lined your eye along the top and bottom, brush a little bit of light-colored eye shadow over lines. Don’t leave the bottom line out or your under eye make up will look incomplete. A touch of powder will help the liner stay in place.

Tips for better eyeliner

Even with a careful hand and great tools, your eyeliner may not look exactly right. A few extra tricks will perfect your make up.

Makeup for Women Over 50, Over 60: Beautiful Eyes

  • How to lift up your eyes. Got droopy lids? Use your eyeliner to make them look more lifted by drawing it just above your lashes.
  • Cleaner lines. If you find it hard to apply the lines, place your elbow on a table or solid surface to get better control. Allure suggests drawing small dots along your lash line instead, and using a small brush to blend and connect them together.
  • Perfected look. Once you’ve applied the liner, use a cotton swab (dipped in water or make up remover) to clean them up a little and make them look perfectly straight.

If you know how to use eyeliner, you already know how to use eyeliner after 50. It just takes a little extra time and attention to detail, and you’ll beautifully define your eyes.

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