Ashley Judd Delivers A Stinging Slap

April 12, 2012 at 7:19 am in Books & Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, News by Patti Winker

When Ashley Judd was attacked in broad daylight, no one in the media seemed to notice.  The media is supposed to report news of vicious attacks on women, right?  So, why didn’t the media report this particular attack?  Because they were the attackers.

The dissection and picking apart of a person’s body and flesh is considered a crime in most of today’s world, yet this woman’s body was legally, and with some flourish, most definitely pulled apart at the seams.

I’m not talking about a person being ‘thin skinned’ here.  Ashley Judd has certainly taken her share of abuse before simply by being in the public spotlight, and she has chosen to turn away from the attacks.  But this was different.  Perhaps it was time to fight back.  Why?  Ask yourself this question:

At what point does the objectification of our bodies lead to the belief that our very being can be taken and used at will?

Speculation over a person’s appearance is wrong on so many levels it’s hard for me to even nail it down.  However, Ms. Judd did just that in her article in The Daily Beast.  Be sure to click on and read this fascinating, touching, and insightful verbal slap:  Ashley Judd Slaps Media In The Face

This whole subject had my undies in a bundle earlier when I posted Beyond Buxom Beauties in my blog after Paula Deen got lambasted in the media for not disclosing her diabetes.  You heard the debate, right?  Paula Deen cooks her fabulous dishes on Food Network and they are based on ‘olde tyme’ Southern cooking; ie. butter, bacon, fat, sugar, etc.  Okay.  I get it.  Eat healthier.

But the ugly just got started.

The whirlwind didn’t stop at the fact that Paula Deen was cooking food that no diabetic should be eating.  If that was where it stopped, I wouldn’t be mentioning that little kerfuffle in the same breath as Ashley Judd’s media slap-down.  No.  The ugly went way beyond her cooking – it went straight to the heart of  her womanhood and, more importantly, her personhood.

Paula Deen was getting criticized for being a full-figured woman.  She was being picked apart, ridiculed, and dissected.  How dare she look like THAT and cook like THAT?  Every ugly word felt like a slap in my face.  Then I started seeing ‘pretty’ full-figured women in the blogosphere and the social sites du jour.  Again, I felt a slap in the face.  Why are we posting pictures of pretty young women who happen to be larger than a supermodel and saying; “See! It’s okay to be big.”  It is STILL objectification!  We are still picking each other apart – this one’s pretty, this one’s not – and on and on and on.

Can we please stop feeling the need to give the ‘seal of approval’ to a woman based on her weight/skin/hair/nose/boobs?  Can we please just BE without your approval?

Ashley Judd said it better than I ever could when she wrote; “We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification.”

Every woman, private or public, has the right to be who she is without anyone judging her by her appearance.  Young or old, big or small, we all live in our body and skin, and it’s no one’s business but our own.  In other words, when Ashley Judd, or Paula Deen, or I want anyone’s opinion, we’ll ask for it.

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