8 anti-aging lipstick tricks (and the one lipstick color sure to flatter)

September 18, 2015 at 2:48 pm in Fashion & Beauty by SusanTolles

Charla Krupp’s book How Not to Look Old, is an excellent guide to quick and easy steps to take years off our lives without the help of major surgery. One tip that everyone can embrace is to “put on pink lipstick.”

The best lipstick color for us

Why pink? The right shade can compensate for dull complexions. Dark lips emphasize dark circles under the eyes, and the darker the color, the thinner your lips will look. It’s just like wearing dark clothing—dark slims, lighter emphasizes. (You know, black makes your rear look smaller, and white makes it look plumper) So follow the same principle when selecting your lipstick, and your lips will look fuller and sexier.

Victoria’s Secret makeup artist Nick Barose has this to say about your lip shades.

  • Mauve makes you look older and sad
  • Nudes can make you look washed out
  • Orange veers into the clownish
  • Purples make you look like you’re suffering from hypothermia.

Ouch! But the more I think about it, the more I agree with him. Time to clean out my makeup bag and buy a few select shades of pink. But how to select the right shade of pink for me?

How to choose the right pink for you

1. Not too dark, not too light – just right. If the pink is too dark, it will blend into your lip color and you won’t look like you even have any on. If it is too light, you will look too pale. “Choosing a color one or two shades lighter than your natural lip color shines just the right spotlight.”

2. Get professional advice. If you don’t want to ask for professional help at the department store, consider visiting Ulta or Sephora. There are literally hundreds of lipsticks to try out before you buy, and there are private stations with tissues and applicators for your play-time. If you prefer the grocery or drug stores, keep your receipt, as most will allow a return if the shade is not just right.

3. Keep in mind that the creamy lipsticks work much better and look more “dewy.” Long-wear lipsticks are great for those of us who don’t want to reapply frequently, but most of them can be very drying, making your lip lines look even worse. Lip stains gather in the creases and won’t smooth over your lips. And don’t go with a matte lipstick — it will not reflect light so your lips will look dull and dry. Do select a lipstick that is velvety with a hint of sheen. Nick says,” Opaque lipstick is about as youthful as opaque nude pantyhose!”

Anti-aging tips for applying lipstick

Here are four steps for that perfect pouty mouth:

4. Prep. Exfoliate and moisturize, just like you do the rest of your face. Lipstick will stick better to a smooth surface, and the extra moisture will help plump them up. Use a lip balm before applying your lipstick and you will have a nice youthful look.

5. Conceal. Use a concealer along the edge of your upper lip to fill in lines and prevent your lipstick from “feathering.”

6. Shape it up. The older you get, the more you need lip lines. I know I do! My lips seem to be disappearing before my very eyes. Your lip liner should be either the exact color as your lips, or a couple of shades lighter. And here’s a great tip: after you’ve shaped your lips, fill them in with the lip liner. This will help your lipstick adhere better and last longer.

7. Add color. Select that perfect pink, and finish it off with a dot of gloss in the center of your bottom lip to give the illusion of fullness.

Finally, a word about lip plumpers:

8. Don’t waste your money on lip plumpers. Even the best over-the-counter serums give only temporary results. And just think of Goldie Hawn in The First Wives Club when you consider getting collagen injections — you don’t want to have “trout pout” forever.

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