3 reasons women over 50 should use mineral makeup

June 16, 2009 at 8:35 pm in Fashion & Beauty by Susan Posnick

My mineral makeup line was designed for all women, but it works particularly well (especially COLORFLO) on women over 50.  I recommend mineral makeup:

1. Mineral makeup lets your skin breathe. When your skin breathes, it’s healthier. In contast, when you work with a foundation and a powder, it blocks the skin so that it can’t breathe. And especially today, many of the liquid foundations use silicone which makes for a beautiful liquid foundation, but doesn’t let the skin breathe in the same way.

2. Minerals have light-diffusing properties. So, they soften the appearance of lines.

3. Minerals don’t settle into lines and wrinkles. For women over 50 who have been using foundation and powder, what you see is that the powder settles into fine lines and can make the skin look dry. And as we age, those lines of character can become a little stronger, a little more obvious–you don’t want your makeup settling in.

Have you used mineral makeup? Share your experience and recommendations below!


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