What do you do when your grandchild doesn’t like you?

March 11, 2010 at 5:02 pm in Family & Relationships by basykes

I waited so long for a grandchild and we finally got a beautiful little girl 2 years ago.  But her first year was full of disappointment for me.  We live 300 miles away and I tried to get there as often as possible but “scheduling” and a difficult temperament made visits tense.

Now she’s easier to be around, but she doesnt like me.  She will happily sit on anybody’s lap but mine.  She will hug me at her mother’s command, but at the same time turns her face away and pushes me away.  She always looks at me warily as if I’m going to hug her.

I give her her space, but it kills me to see my sister-in-law carrying her around, or her happily giving a hug to my husband. 

I’m not sure how to win over what may be the only grandchild we’ll ever have.