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November 14, 2010 at 8:47 pm in Family & Relationships by zen twenty-ten

Exciting news for zen twenty-ten!  Vibrant Nation has offered to republish my blog on their site!  Finally, the fame and recognition that my blog deserves.  Just like Julie and Julia.  A book deal can’t be far off.  Kidding, kidding!  But I am excited to share my blog with new readers.

Except like most zen twenty-ten postings, the news is bittersweet.  When I checked out Vibrant Nation, it was a site for women over 50!  Is that my demographic?  Crap!  No offense to women over 50, which I will soon be myself, and no offense to Vibrant Nation, which is a great site and to whom I am very grateful.  But as I said in an earlier posting, I don’t feel almost 50.  I hardly even feel adult a lot of the time.  So it’s kind of funny that I’m inadvertently appealing to the exact audience that I don’t feel a part of, but which in fact I am a member.  And I’m sure many Vibrant Nation readers feel exactly like I do.

This experience reminded me of when, in the early days of this blog, a very nice reader listed my site in the blogroll on her blog and I was so excited until I discovered that she had listed it under a category that included “hoarding.”  Double crap!  I may be pushing 50, but I’m not a hoarder!  Really!  I just have a little clutter problem….

So welcome, Vibrant Nation readers.  And to my male and younger readers, don’t go away.  My content won’t change.  I’ll only be encouraged to write more frequent and perhaps funnier posts.  Kind of like the annoying punster uncle or the class clown adolescent boy about whom you say, “don’t laugh – it will only encourage him…”

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