The Worlds Biggest Disease

October 5, 2010 at 3:45 am in Family & Relationships, Healthy Living by grannyinlongjohns

Is chivalry dead and gone?  Today I gave up my seat on the bus so an elderly man could sit despite my arthritic knees who were screaming “Don’t do this.”  The bus was filled with young men who could easily stand, many of whom only ride a few stops to get to school.


Then there’s the folks that run a hundred miles and hour to get to the checkout at the grocery store before you get there.  Or worse, jump the line knowing most folks won’t say anything.


The other day I saw a heavily pregnant woman lurching too far down the bus to call to her to take my seat.


Another of my pet peeves are drivers who shoot into a parking space you are trying to negotiate.  It’d dangerous and stupid.


Not to long ago a man wearing a knapsack kept bumping my head with his bag.  He was reading a newspaper and oblivious to his thumping of me and another woman who had the pages of his newspaper making adjustments to her coiffure.  I finally lost my temper (and believe me Santa when I do it’s gonna be baaaad.)  I snapped.  “Hit me with that bag again”, I old him, “and I’ll remove it from you and whack you on the head with it!  The woman who was desperately trying to maintain her hairdo added “Yea, and stop hitting me with that newspaper”.  We both got evil looks but the man lowered his bag and put his paper under his arm.  No apology, remorse, just a glowing resentment.


This probably belongs in the vent tent but I gotta write what passes for manners bites he big one.  I think a mandatory credit for all high school studens should be an ediquette course.  Bad manners doesn’t just stem from apathy but also from ignorance.


Well those who treat me badly are in for a big surprise.  When I hot flashing, tired and angry I’m like a pit bull ready for the fight.  Wake up rude people – I’m a commin!


I think this is a serious issue.  As aging women we need to hope for respect for elders.  There’s also the issue that bad manners make an unattractive personality.  We all have a moral obligation to treat others with dignity. 


Apathy is a personal and social disease.  We’re entitled to be handled with dignity.  Whee is it?

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