My family

September 10, 2009 at 8:37 pm in Family & Relationships by nanaof10

First of all, this month the 15th will be the 5 year anniversary of my then 33 year old son. I have for MANY years had hot-cold relationship with my youngest daughter. It is the middle child daughter that has brought my husband and I through the fires of hell. She is 37 divorced 3 times and has for the past 2 years lived with us. She is bossy ans=d I have retreated to my room. (our house is not big enough) she has 4 kids 17, 24,==14,12,10. They have either lived near or with us (my hubby and me) for her whole life. The other day I again said something she did not like. My hubby said I could say anything I want this is my home and if anyone doesn’t like it than they can leave. They of course leaving. She is 37 uneducated past high school. she home schools her kids. She pays us a stipend to stay here. From child support. The money she pays us won’t pay for a house, car, insurance, telephone, television electricity. She makes too much for welfare and not enough to live on. I am feeling crushed that they are leaving. My grand kids have either lived with us or near us for their whole lives. I will miss them so much. She is blaming me. Her father finally stuck up for me for which I am thankful. but I’m am feeling twitterpated in my head about this. My girls have No idea how much I love them or maybe they are feeling smothered. whatever the case this daughter is vindictive enough to turn her own kids against me. Not her DAD  My sadness is profound help