Husband is very sick.

April 12, 2010 at 10:41 am in Family & Relationships, Healthy Living by Nana

He is aging. And changing. And was very very ill last week.  I’ve seen it happen numerous times in the 15 years we’ve been together.  He gets chilled somehow  and has this thing happen almost like malaria.  High fevers, severe shaking, can’t get warm.  And this time it went even further.  His legs were so weak he just sat down on the floor.   I had to physically somehow half lift him to the couch.

And as usual the next day he was totally fine, and went and did his usual thing.  Except he was still shaky and tired.

I thought he was dying.  I still think he is dying.  He agreed finally to go to the DR today or tomorrow.

I’ve been so exhausted this  past week taking care of him and somehow I just know we’ve turned a corner into another new part of our lives.   I know he’s not well.  I can see it, feel it, sense it, and I’m more than  a bit overwhelmed at entering this new care taking phase.  He’s a challenge to be with at the best of times,  but when he’s sick it’s particularly difficult.

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